Red Planet Day: Can humans live on Mars? easier said than done

Red Planet Day: Can humans live on Mars?  easier said than done

The hypothesis of human life on Mars fills us with excitement. Elon Musk The company SpaceX wants to send humans to Mars by the year 2026. The company is considering setting up settlements for humans on this red planet. Only spacex Not only this, but many government and private space agencies including NASA, ISRO, Roscosmos have launched missions on Mars. human settlements has started an exciting project for

Every year on 28 December red planet day American Space Agency which is celebrated NASA K marks the launch of Mariner-4. So in such a situation, while space agencies are envisaging human life on Mars, the basic question is that how challenging will it be for humans to live on this Red Planet? How difficult is it for humans to live on Mars and what are the obstacles in this path?

mission to mars

Indian, American or other space agencies are working on their respective Mars missions, whose objective is to send humans from Earth to Mars without any return mission. The objective of this mission is to establish a self-sustaining settlement, where humans can live here for a long time. In real life, at present, humans have never set foot on Mars. There are many challenges in the way of adapting to the conditions of Mars.

No oxygen, the environment is also unfavorable

The volume of the atmosphere on Mars is only 1 percent compared to the Earth’s atmosphere. The atmospheric pressure on Mars is also very low. According to the report, there is much less air on Mars than on Earth. Carbon dioxide, nitrogen and argon gases are found in the atmosphere here. Mars is only half the size of Earth. There is very little oxygen here. In such a situation, clearly this planet is not suitable for human life.

lack of gravity

Favorable gravity is also one of the reasons for human survival on earth. Gravity decreases as you go into space. Compared to Earth, there is very less gravity on Mars. It can have a very bad effect on the heart and bones of humans. Microgravity has a negative effect on the human body. This will create a condition of low blood pressure and the legs of humans can become very weak.

volcano on mars

The highest known mountain in the Solar System is Olympus Mons, which is the largest volcano on Mars. This huge mountain is about 16 miles (25 km) long and 373 miles (600 km) in diameter. According to the report, it may have been formed billions of years ago, but the evidence of its lava is so recent that many scientists believe, it may still be active.

it is also interesting to know

Scientists predict that Phobos (the largest and most mysterious moon of Mars) will eventually be ripped apart by gravitational forces. This would lead to the creation of a debris field and eventually settle into a stable orbit. This will create a rocky ring around Mars like Saturn and Uranus. Formation of terrain like earth.

Interestingly, Mars is about half the diameter of Earth, but its surface area is equal to a quarter of Earth’s dry land. The surface gravity of Mars is only 37 percent that of Earth. That is, you can jump almost three times more on Mars.

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