Queen Elizabeth used to celebrate birthday twice a year, this was the reason

Britain’s Queen Elizabeth II has passed away. Queen Elizabeth was 96 years old and ruled Britain for 70 years. Earlier there were reports that the doctor was worried about the health of Queen Elizabeth. He has been kept under medical supervision. It is then stated that Queen Elizabeth has passed away. With the death of Elizabeth, incidents related to her life are being shared on the Internet. One in this is the story of celebrating his birthday twice.

Actually, Queen Elizabeth used to celebrate her birthday twice a year. Let us tell that Elizabeth-II took the throne of Britain on June 2, 1953 and was also the queen of many Commonwealth countries like Canada, Australia, New Zealand along with Britain. Since then, the process of celebrating his birthday twice also started. So know when she celebrates her birthday twice and what is the reason behind it…

When did you celebrate birthday?

One, the birthday of the Queen of Britain is celebrated on 21 April. But, after getting the throne of Britain, his second birthday was also celebrated. This birthday is his official birthday and this birthday is officially celebrated and on this day parades etc. events are organized. This second birthday comes in June, it is said that there is good weather in this month. That is why this day is celebrated on 17th June i.e. on 17th June, his second birthday is celebrated.

Why was 17th June fixed?

Now the question is why the day of 17th June has been chosen for the second official birthday. To answer this question, the pages of history will have to be turned. In fact, the official birthday began in the year 1748 with the proclamation of King George II. There will be a big celebration on the birthday of any prince of the royal family or the person who takes the throne and a parade will be organized.

After this, when Edbard took the throne, his birthday was to be celebrated. But his birthday used to come in the month of November and then it is very cold. In such a situation, it started being celebrated in June and at that time it was fixed on June 17. Since then, the king who took the throne here celebrates his official birthday on June 17. Parades etc. are organized on this day. Along with this, 14 big officers, about 200 horses and soldiers are involved on this occasion. Apart from this 400 musicians gather and make the day memorable through music.

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