Putin repeatedly threatens nuclear war, know where America stands in front of Russia?

The war between Russia and Ukraine has been going on for a long time. Russia, while continuously attacking Ukraine, is trying to signal to other countries to the world that it is not afraid of anyone. Even Russian President Vladimir Putin has threatened nuclear war many times and has told that Russia will not back down from doing nuclear war if needed. Putin on Wednesday threatened Western countries including America and announced that no one should take the warning of a nuclear attack lightly.

According to reports, Russia has also said that the nuclear warning is not a drama and that the Russians can carry out a nuclear attack when needed. This time Ratus has given this threat not to Ukraine but to big countries like America. In such a situation, the question is how powerful is Russia in nuclear war than America that it is continuously threatening the US too. So know what is the condition of Russia and America in terms of nuclear power…

How many atomic bombs in the world?

Let us tell that 90 percent of nuclear explosives in the world are with Russia and America. These two countries are such that they have thousands of nuclear weapons and if both countries use them, then there can be a lot of devastation. Apart from this, other countries have only around 100-200 nuclear explosives and are believed to be enough to defend a country.

Although the overall list of nuclear weapons is declining globally, this reduction has decreased compared to the last 30 years. In fact, these reductions are happening only because the United States and Russia are now destroying previously retired explosives. According to a report by the Federation of American Scientists, there are about 12700 nuclear bombs in the world, out of which 9400 are with the armies of many countries, which can be used through missiles, aircraft, ships etc. Apart from this, the rest of the nuclear weapons are retired.

Who is more powerful?

  1. If we talk about both Russia and America, then according to the statistics, Russia has more nuclear capability. At present Russia has 5977 i.e. about 6 thousand atomic bombs while America has 5428 atomic bombs.
  2. If we talk about Russia, then out of Russia’s 5977 bombs, 1500 are retired and 2889 are reserved, which have not even been depopulated. 1588 come in the category of strategic diploid.
  3. Talking about America, out of total 5428 weapons of America, 1720 are retired and 1964 are reserved and 1644 come under the category of Strategic Deployed.

How about other countries?

In other countries, UK has 225, France has 290, Israel has 90, Pakistan has 165, India has 160, China has 350, North Korea has 20 weapons.

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