Property worth 20 thousand crores, 30 years long legal battle, read the full story of the royal family of Faridkot

The 30-year-old property dispute of the royal family of Faridkot has been settled. The judgment of the Supreme Court, pronounced recently, ended the dispute of property worth 20 thousand crores. His daughters were fighting legally for 3 decades for the property of the Maharaj of Faridkot. After the victory of both the sisters, they will get a share in the property. Wealth is important because it includes everything from palaces and forts to diamonds and jewels, although it has been described as a battle of honor.

Know, when and how this dispute started, why the daughters had to fight the legal battle and what is the whole story…

That’s how the controversy started?

The story begins in 1918 when Harinder Singh Brar was made the Maharaja of the princely state after the death of his father. At that time he was only 3 years old. Harinder Singh was the last Maharaja of the princely state. His wife was Narinder Kaur, who had three daughters and a son- Amrit Kaur, Deepinder Kaur, Mahipinder Kaur and son Tikka Harmohinder Singh. In 1981, son Harmohinder Singh died in a road accident. After the death of his son, Maharaj went into depression and his will was prepared. This was announced by his close aide Lal Singh.

According to the will, the responsibility of looking after his property was given to the Maharawal Khewaji Trust Trust. This is where the controversy started. It is said that this trust was formed in October 1982. Neither the wife of Maharaj nor the mother was aware of the will and the trust. The will came out after Maharaj’s death in 1989. In which it was clearly written that his younger daughter Amrit Kaur is to be evicted because she has married of her own free will. At the same time, the name of daughter Deepinder Kaur was registered as the chairperson of the trust and Mahipinder Kaur as the vice chairperson of the trust. In 2001, daughter Mahipinder Kaur died under suspicious circumstances.

The younger daughter, Amrit Kaur, filed a petition in the local court in November 1992 to get her due. He said, being part of the joint family, he should also get a share in the property, while the entire will was given to the Maharawal Khewaji Trust. In 2013, the court’s decision came and the verdict was given in favor of Amrit Kaur and Deepinder Kaur. After this the matter first reached the High Court and then the Supreme Court. Now the Supreme Court’s decision came in 2022.

Maharaj’s brother Manjeet Inder says, the battle the daughter has fought is not for money, but it is a fight for pride and honor.

Where is the property?

After the war of independence, Maharaj was given property worth 20 thousand crores. This includes the palaces and lands of Punjab, Delhi, Haryana, Chandigarh and Himachal Pradesh.

  1. Faridkot Palace: Spread over 14 acres, the palace of Faridkot was built in 1885. A 150-bed charitable hospital is running in this part.
  2. Fort Mubarak: This fort of Faridkot, spread over 10 acres, was built by Raja Hamir Singh. It was built in 1775. It’s in pretty bad shape.
  3. Faridkot House, New Delhi: It is on Copernicus Road in New Delhi. It has been taken on rent by the Central Government. The government is also paying rent of Rs 17 lakh every month for this. 10 years ago the value of this property was said to be Rs 1200 crore.
  4. Here is the property:Apart from these properties, there was Manimajra Fort in Chandigarh and Faridkot House in Shimla.

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