Prince Charles III will be the new King of Britain, but how much do you know about Charles I and II?

After the death of Queen Elizabeth II, her sons Prince Charles Has become the new King of Britain. He will be called King Charles-III i.e. third name. Even though the name of King Charles III has been announced to take over the Queen’s empire, Charles will have to wait for the official coronation. This is because the coronation ceremony in Britain is grand, which is organized by the British government.

Preparations go on on a large scale for organizing the coronation. Therefore, after the death of the Queen, the coronation is not possible in such a short time. This is not the first time, Queen Elizabeth II also had to wait 16 months for the coronation after the death of her father. During the coronation, Charles will be given a 2.23 kg gold crown.

Charles III will be the 40th emperor, so the question arises, who was Charles I and II and how long did they rule? Know about them

Who was Charles I?

Prince Charles III is the third person from the British royal family whose name is Charles. Earlier there were two more members of the same name who ruled. That’s why the third has been put in his name. Now do you know who Charles I and II were?

Charles I was the only monarch to be sentenced to death. His reign lasted from 1625 to 1649. Such a civil war broke out during the reign that the existence of the royal family was threatened. In fact, his thinking about the rights of the king and his belief in Roman Catholicism made him many enemies. The matter arose so much that he was even called a tyrant in Parliament. As a result, the British Parliament constantly tried to curb his powers. This was seen as a conflict with the monarchy.

Civil war broke out in 1642 and Charles was defeated in 1645. In order to maintain the monarchy, Charles refused to accept the demand of the captives. In 1649 he was tried for treason. Convicted and sentenced to death. After the death of Charles I, the monarchy was abolished and England became a republic with the statesman Oliver Cromwell as Lord Protector.

Who was Charles II?

The son of Charles I was called Charles II. He supported his father during the civil war in Britain. When it became clear that after the death of his father, things would no longer be stable, Charles II moved to The Hague in 1649. Despite the end of the monarchy in England, Charles was crowned King of Scotland on January 1, 1651.

To prevent the attack of Oliver Cromwell and his army from the south, Charles II attacked England with his supporters. During this, Charles II was able to save himself from the people of Oliver Cromwell and went to France. Cromwell died in 1658.Things started deteriorating after death, which Charles returned in 1660 to handle. Returned the lost glory of the monarchy and took over the reins.

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