President Election 2022: How many votes are possible in whose favor regarding the Presidential election? Understand state wise statistics game

presidential election (Presidential ElectionVoting will be held on 18th July i.e. today. After the counting of votes, the name of the new President of the country will be announced on July 21. The main contest in the presidential election is the two major candidates (Draupadi Murmu vs Yashwant Sinha) is in between. The BJP has fielded Draupadi Murmu from the NDA side, while the opposition has fielded TMC leader (former BJP leader) Yashwant Sinha. For the past few days, both the candidates sought support from political parties, conducted contact campaigns in many places of the country and appealed to the MPs and MLAs to vote in their favour.

However, if we see the record so far, in the presidential elections, the candidates of the ruling party have often won. In such a situation, the victory of Draupadi Murmu is considered certain. Despite this, Yashwant Sinha has also not given up hope and has put all his strength. Let us know what are the political equations in the major states and according to that what is the status of votes between the two candidates.

Who will vote in the presidential election?

Members of Parliament and members of the State/Union Territory Legislative Assembly participate and vote in the presidential election. However, the members nominated by the President do not participate in it. In such a situation, 12 members of Rajya Sabha and 2 members of Lok Sabha will not participate in it. Only the people’s representatives elected by the voters of the country will cast their votes. The value of the vote is calculated by taking the total number of MPs from across the country and MLAs of all the states.

How is vote value decided and how is victory?

It is not in the presidential election that the vote value of a public representative is determined on the basis of the population of his constituency. To calculate the value of the vote of an MLA, the share of the total MLA in the total population of that state will be given and that number will be divided by 1000. The number that will come after this will be the vote value of the MLA of that state. At the same time, the value of the vote of the MP will be given to the share of the Members of Parliament in the total value of the votes of the MLAs of all the states. The number that comes after this will be the value of the vote of the MP.

After calculating the vote value of each MLA and MP, the MPs and MLAs vote. After this, instead of the number of MLAs and MPs, their vote value will be counted. The candidate who gets the quota first in these vote value will be considered as the winner.

What is the vote count in major states?

State Number of MLAs vote value of one total vote value
Delhi 70 58 4060
Uttar Pradesh 403 208 83824
A state in Eastern India 243 173 42039
Madhya Pradesh 230 131 30130
West Bengal 294 151 44394
Rajasthan 200 129 25800
Maharashtra 288 175 50400
Punjab 117 116 13572
Haryana 90 112 10080

Have a look at the figures of some other states

State Number of MLAs vote value of one total vote value
Himachal Pradesh 68 51 3468
Andra Pradesh 175 159 23825
Tamil Nadu 234 176 41184
Kerala 140 152 21280
Chhattisgarh 90 129 11610
Jharkhand 81 176 14756
Assam 126 116 14616
Karnataka 224 131 29344
Uttarakhand 70 64 4480
Telangana 119 132 15708

Are there any winning equations?

There are almost all the parties involved in the NDA in support of Draupadi Murmu. According to the figures till that day when BJP announced Murmu’s name, NDA was 13 thousand votes away from the majority figure. But later he has got the support of BJD of Odisha, Akali Dal from Punjab, BSP of Mayawati, TDP and YSRCP as well. At the same time, many MLAs of Shiv Sena are also in his favor. On the other hand, there are mainly parties like Congress, SP, NCP, TMC, DMK, TRS in support of Yashwant Sinha.

The majority figure for the victory of any candidate in the presidential election is 5,43,216. Currently, NDA is claiming to have a total of 5,33,751 votes, while the opposition has only 3,60,362 votes. In such a situation, it is believed that Murmu can win this election.

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