PM Modi made the election campaign modern and innovative that the opposition also came under pressure

PM Narendra Modi has turned 72 today. On the occasion of his birthday, BJP is celebrating Seva Pakhwada across the country. Gandhi Jayanti During this political campaign, which runs till October 2, many programs are being organized with the aim of making Brand Modi bigger. On this pretext, BJP is trying to bring the image of PM Modi on par with Mahatma Gandhi. Earlier, on the occasion of its foundation day, BJP had celebrated Social Justice Fortnight, through which the BJP made Modi the society like Jyotiba Phule and Ambedkar.Tried to set up as a reformer.

in Indian politicsCredit to PM Narendra Modi for initiating such unique political effortsIt just goes. He has been instrumental in political campaigns and election campaigns in the country.The methods have been made modern and innovative. Know that it is done…

Every election on a different issue

Fighting every election on a different issue has been the specialty of PM Modi. in GujaratDuring his Chief Minister, three assembly elections were fought. Modi three timesContested elections on different issues. 2002 election where the fundamentalists of HindutvaThe issue was on the issue of Vibrant Gujarat in the 2007 assembly elections.But fought. In this, Modi then raised the issue of the identity of 5.5 crore Gujaratis.Won the election. In the 2012 assembly elections, Modi made himself the nextWon the election by presenting as Prime Minister. in the 2014 Lok Sabha electionsMaking development an issue, he gave the slogan of Sabka Saath Sabka Vikas.In 2019, his slogan was ‘Modi hai to mumkin hai’. In this way Modi’s leadershipBoys in 3 Assembly elections and 2 Lok Sabha elections on completely different issuesWhereas the opposition is only standing on the political pitch of opposing BJP or Modi.Contested and lost every time.

very forward thinking

Political campaigns after the emergence of Narendra Modi on the scene of Indian politicsAnd the methods of campaigning have changed forever. election strategy and Where the thinking of other parties ends about the election campaign, From there the thinking of Narendra Modi begins. 2014 and 2019 Lok Sabha ElectionsApart from this, it is also due to the big victory of BJP in the assembly elections of many states. It has been proved that the BJP led by PM Narendra ModiSomeone in front of an election campaign full of cutting edge and innovative ideasThe other party cannot survive. However, following the footsteps of BJP, the common manThe party is giving him a fight. Mamta Banerjee also did her own thing in West Bengalhas shown. But the second largest national party after BJPCongress seems to be lagging behind in this matter. big like Uttar PradeshAkhilesh Yadav brother in the state, despite the alliance of backward and Dalit castes

Couldn’t stand the BJP’s aggressive election campaign. in the last 8 yearsPM Narendra Modi in registering victory of BJP in one state after anotherThe aggressive campaign and promotion of modern technology played a big and important role inIs.

Modi’s election campaign was unprecedented in 2014

Narendra Modi as PM candidate in 2014 Lok Sabha electionsThe election campaign was unprecedented. Then Narendra Modi started his smoky campaign.All the old records were broken by the campaign. Then issued by BJPAccording to the figures made, Modi has covered a distance of more than three lakh kilometers.A new record was set. Traditional and new methods of election campaigning5827 programs were attended with a mixed nature of K. in theseHis 4000 ‘Chai Pe Charcha’ programs were also included. Modi has done many of the country’sDiscussed with the people of the cities through video link. Modi in this437 public meetings in 25 states in 9 months, apart from 1350 3D ralliesThere were two big road shows in Vadodara and Varanasi. According to BJP, this is India’sIt was the biggest public relations campaign in electoral history. Modi 10 crore through thishad reached the people.

Modi became the uncrowned king of social media

PM Narendra Modi made social media a strong weapon in election campaignused as. Modi understood the power of social media from the very beginning.had understood. Although the choice of technology in using technologyEarlier the Congress had been taking the initiative. But Narendra Modi did social mediaUnderstand strength and its importance. of its experts and companies from abroadgot help. Modi has taken to all social media to build his own image.Make good use of the platform. The result of this is that today Modi socialHe is the uncrowned king of the media. any leader of any other partyDoesn’t stay anywhere near. He has more than 8:15 million followers on TwitterAt the same time, he has more than 40 million followers on Facebook. social mediaModi’s only rule runs on these 2 biggest platforms.Messages reach millions of people in a jiffy.

First use of 3D technology in elections

Narendra Modi was the first to use 3D technology in the campaign. It was discussed a lot in the 2014 Lok Sabha elections. But Narendra ModiIt was used for the first time in the 2012 assembly elections of Gujarat.On 20 November 2012, Modi held a rally in four cities simultaneously with 3D technology.This was a unique initiative in the election campaign. However, later in 2013State Chief Minister Shivraj Chauhan also used this technique.In the 2014 Lok Sabha elections, Narendra Modi reached more people in less time.Used 3D technology fiercely to reach and choose themI also got a lot of benefit. This was Modi’s thinking ahead of his time. ItsModi can make his political message more effective in a very short time.In this way, managed to reach more people.

mobile app usage

The information revolution that took place around the world has given mobile in almost every hand.Mobile is one of the strongest means of communication. Modi understood its importance andAlso used the app for his election campaign. In 2014 heAn app named ‘India 272’ was created. BJP workers through this appwas given a target of winning 272 seats on its own. Prime Minister hasPrivate Namo app was also prepared. Through this, he is working for the BJP workers and the country.Modi also donated for BJP through Namo app directly connected to common citizenssought. Updated the information of every small and big activities of BJP on this app.She goes. This app will help the party workers as well as their voters andUnique way to connect with supporters directly. in every electionBJP gets a big advantage.

Development and public welfare made central issue

Continuous improvement in the methods of political campaign and election campaign NarendraModi’s specialty has been BJP Growth in 2004 and 2009 Lok Sabha Electionscould not be made a central issue. Advani especially in 2009 electionsFailed to bring success to BJP because of its fanatical Hindu image.In 2014, Narendra Modi shrugged off the fanatical Hindu image of the BJP.Made development the main issue. He gave the slogan ‘Sabka Saath, Sabka’ ‘Vikas’ was a very catchy slogan. In 2019, he put everyone’s faith in it,Everyone’s effort added up. It was hopeful to the people.He used many types of slogans to hurt the 10 years of power of Congress. lamps. For example, ‘A lot of inflation hit, now Modi government’, ‘There has been a lot of atrocities on women, this time Modi government’, ‘Acche din aane’ People are going to die’, ‘I will not let the country die’… all these slogans give hope to the people.Was about to wake up. Because of these, the common citizens of the country have got one within Modi.The Messiah was visible. That’s why people went on uniting behind them. all promisesDespite not being fulfilled, this solidarity is still intact.

Although there is still more than one and a half years left in the 2024 Lok Sabha elections.Is. But the pieces on the electoral board have already started being laid. to ModiRenewed efforts are being made for the unity of the opposition parties to defeat.But there is restlessness among the opposition parties about the fact that in 2014 and 2019.Like what issue will Modi bring out at the last moment, whose cut is with him?Will not. Modi is an expert in this. CRPF in Pulwama in 2019Balakot in Pakistan-occupied Kashmir after the attack on the soldiersThe action taken had given BJP a one-sided victory in the elections. ElectionUse of non-traditional methods in propaganda and campaign against yourselfGiven Modi’s mastery in the art of turning in his favour, the opposition 2024He is also apprehensive about the election of This is the biggest victory of Modi.

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