People of Uttar Pradesh should note… now you can keep so much liquor at home, if you keep more then you will have to take ‘license’

Many rules regarding keeping liquor stores in Uttar Pradesh (Alcohol Store Rules In Uttar Pradesh) Changes have been made in . Many rules have been changed for those who have made mini bar or home bar in their house or have stored liquor at home. Now to make a home bar at home, you will have to get a license and will be able to party with your relatives or friends. Government license to make bar at home (Home Bar Licence) It will be given and after taking the license, they will be able to drink alcohol to other people in their house. If you also keep alcohol in the house, then know these rules or else you may find it difficult.

Let us inform that in the cabinet meeting held on Tuesday, the proposals of Uttar Pradesh Excise (Acceptance of Bar License) Rules (First Amendment) 2022 and (Distillery Establishment) Sixteenth Amendment Rules 2022 have been approved. In such a situation, we know what are these new rules and under these rules, which rules will be necessary to follow regarding keeping alcohol in the house…

How to make a bar at home?

Now to make a home bar at home, you will have to take a license and for this you will also have to pay a fee to the government. These licenses will be issued on a yearly basis and for this a fee of Rs 12 thousand will have to be paid. Along with this, 25 thousand rupees will have to be deposited as security for the home bar. Please tell that the inspection of the home bar can be done only with the permission of the Excise Commissioner.

According to media reports, now up to 71 small and big bottles of 15 categories can be kept in the home bar. It is believed that now the rules have been made easier than before. Please tell that where you keep liquor, people below 21 years of age will not get entry. This license will be granted only for keeping liquor and for this also many conditions will have to be followed. By the way, only those people who have been paying tax for the last five years will be able to take this license. The applicants will have to produce its certificates. It will have to be renewed by the district administration.

When is bar license required?

According to the rules, up to 6 liters of liquor can be kept with you in Uttar Pradesh. Every person in the state is allowed to purchase, transport and have personal possession of 6 liters of liquor. If you want to keep more liquor in the house than this, then you have to get a license. For this license also you have to follow many rules.

License rules also became easier

Apart from this, the rules of commercial bar license have also been relaxed. The seating area required for bar license has now been reduced from 200 sqm to a minimum of 100 sqm. Now the bar can be opened even in less space. Apart from this, if there is a seating arrangement for 30 people instead of 40, then they can be given a license.