‘People have started calling me a monkey’… what is werewolf syndrome that the youth of Madhya Pradesh is battling

A case of rare disease of werewolf syndrome has come to light in Madhya Pradesh. 17-year-old Lalit Patidar is suffering from a disease in which hair comes out all over his body. Lalit says, he first came to know about this disease at the age of 6. Many students studying with him call him monkey. According to the Journal of the American Medical Association, it is a rare disease. So far 50 such cases have been reported in the world.

What is werewolf syndrome, its types, why this disease occurs and what is its treatment? Know, the answer to these questions…

What is werewolf syndrome?

This is a rare disease related to the skin, in the language of science it is also called Hypertrichosis. In such cases hair starts growing on the body in an unusual way. They grow in the form of small patches. Its cases come in two ways. The first at birth and the second after a few years of birth. Its cases can be found in both men and women.

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There are two types of this disease

Congenital werewolf syndrome occurs in children in whom changes in the genes of the fetus occur during pregnancy. In these, such genes become active which work to promote hair growth. In most cases, these genes remain silent, but in some cases they become active, due to which the effect of congenital disease starts appearing in the child. Why genes become active, till now the exact reason for this has not been known. Such cases can come up from generation to generation.

There have been cases of werewolf syndrome even a few years after the birth of the child. Many reasons have been given for this. Like- side effect of steroid medicine, malnutrition, eating disorder. Hair growth is not necessarily uniform in cases with werewolf syndrome. In some cases the hair is long, thin and soft. And in some cases they are fat.

What is its treatment?

medical news today Report According to, till now no permanent cure has been found for it. However, there are some treatments available with the help of which hair can be managed and hair growth can be stopped to some extent.

Temporary relief from hair problems can be found through shaving and waxing. Whereas, electrolysis and laser surgery are used for long term. Through these, that part is damaged from where the hair comes out. In this way the growth of hair slows down and the patient gets relief for some time.

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