Pakistan’s disaster is a warning bell for India, know why?

The floods in Pakistan have created a very bad situation. The floods in Pakistan have disturbed the lives of lakhs of people and a large number of people have also lost their lives. The number of children who died is also very high. The special thing is that in Pakistan, people are being killed not only because of the flood waters, but also due to the problems arising after the floods. Now this flood can also prove to be a sign of danger for India and the situation in Pakistan is forcing India to think.

In such a situation, today we tell you what can be the effect of Pakistan’s floods on India and why Pakistan’s flood is a matter of concern for India right now. So know the Hindustani connection of floods…

How much havoc did the flood cause?

Floods have wreaked havoc in Pakistan, in which many lives have been damaged along with property. Unprecedented floods in Pakistan due to climate change have submerged a third of the country, while more than 1,500 people have died in its grip. At the same time, the life of millions of people has become disturbed.

India should take a lesson

One should take a lesson from India that if floods can wreak havoc in Pakistan like this, then India’s number can also come. In fact, global warming is being considered as the main reason behind the terrible floods of Pakistan and it is also a sign of danger for India. A major reason behind the severe floods in Pakistan is the rapid melting of Himalayan glaciers. It has been revealed in many research that due to heatwave and intense heat, glaciers are melting rapidly. There are many places where glaciers are disappearing in a couple of months.

Now that the melting glaciers of the Himalayas have become a problem for Pakistan, in the same way they can cause problems for India too. In many places, glaciers are melting at such a fast speed that in 100 years the water supply will be completely stopped from here and the water needs of the people will not be met. Now this is a dangerous sign for India as well and such a situation can come in India at any time and global warming is a matter of great concern for India too.

fear of diseases

After the rains in Pakistan, now the biggest fear is about the diseases spreading there. In fact, the WHO has reported that due to the disruption of water supply in many parts of Pakistan, people are forced to drink unsafe water, which is likely to spread cholera and other diarrheal diseases. Stagnant water leads to the breeding of mosquitoes and spreading diseases like malaria and dengue. Due to the flooding of about 20 thousand health centers, it has become difficult for the people to have access to general health services. Due to this there are continuous reports of children falling ill.

Being a neighboring country, the fear of disease can increase even in border areas. This has happened many times, when there has been an exchange of diseases between the two countries. Like recently, the lumpy virus also spread between the two countries. Similarly, it is believed that if an epidemic spreads in Pakistan, then the chances of developing that disease in India may increase. In such a situation, India will have to take special care in this direction as well.

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