Only flesh and blood came in my hand, read the story that shook the whole country

New Delhi: 6 people including Rajiv Gandhi’s killers Nalini and P Ravichandran Supreme Court has issued a release order. Rajiv Gandhi Seven people were arrested in the murder case, one of the convicts of which Perarivalan was released on May 18 this year following the order of the Supreme Court. Very few people know that the day Rajiv Gandhi was assassinated, his departure was almost canceled because his plane had a sudden failure, but fate had something else in his favor.

On 21 May 1991, at 8 pm, Congress leader Margatham Chandrashekhar was waiting for Rajiv Gandhi to arrive at the Madras airport. When Rajiv Gandhi was getting ready to fly from Visakhapatnam to Madras, the pilot Captain Chandok found that the communication system of the aircraft was not working. Rajiv Gandhi was very tired and but he felt that he should campaign on maximum seats. Although Rajiv Gandhi was returning to the Circuit House after the plane malfunction, a policeman came and said that your plane has been fixed.

Rajiv Gandhi arrived by flying the plane himself

After this Rajiv Gandhi left for Madras. The plane took off at 6:30 and Rajiv Gandhi himself was flying this plane. Jahan landed at 8:20 minutes and left for Sriperumbudur in a bulletproof car and reached there at 10:10 minutes. After meeting men, he turned to meeting women. Then a 30-year-old girl walked towards Rajiv Gandhi with a necklace of sandalwood. As she rose to touch his feet, there was a loud bang. There was shouting all around.

There, journalist Nina Gopal was talking to Suman Dubey, Rajiv Gandhi’s aide at that time. Recalling this incident, he said that I did not talk even for two minutes and the bomb exploded. That day I was wearing a sari and blood stains are still present on it. He told that I was lucky, who survived. Shortly before its detonation, the sound of the bomb came like that of small firecrackers and then there was a loud explosion. Even after this accident, no one could come to know that Rajiv Gandhi has died.

The story of the remaining Congress leader told

Rajiv Gandhi had voted in Delhi two days before this accident. Three top Tamil Nadu Congress leaders GK Mopanar, Jayanthi Natarajan and Rama Murthy were present at the time of the blast. There was smoke everywhere from the blast, but after some time it was seen that Rajiv Gandhi was lying face down and his head was damaged in the blast. Recalling this incident, GK Mopanar said that after the blast people started running away and bodies were lying all around me. Rajiv’s security officer Pradeep Gupta was alive and looking at me said something, but then died. I thought he was talking about handing over Rajiv Gandhi to someone. I tried to lift Rajiv Gandhi’s head, but only flesh and blood came in my hand, after which I covered him with a towel.

Jayanti Natarajan was standing just a short distance from GK Mopanar, she told that all the policemen had fled after the blast. I was looking at the dead bodies with the hope that I would not see Rajiv Gandhi. First my eyes fell on Pradeep Gupta. A head was lying on the side of his feet and it came out of my mouth that it looked like Rajiv.

When Sonia asked – is he alive?

Around the same time, Vinsin George, Rajiv’s personal secretary, had just entered his Chanakya Puri house when his telephone rang. He got a call that there was some big news, after which he immediately came to 10 Janpath. Sonia was also told about this by someone and she was calling George, but he was talking to Nalani Chidambaram, wife of P Chidambaram at that time. Sonia Gandhi was calling continuously, but after this another call came from an officer from Chennai in which he told George that Rajiv Gandhi was no more in the blast. He was terrified on hearing this news and he ran to Sonia. Sonia asked him if he was alive, but George’s silence left Sonia impatient. She started screaming loudly and she had an asthma attack. Priyanka Gandhi was 19 years old at that time and she took care of her mother.

The responsibility of investigation entrusted to this officer

After the assassination of Rajiv Gandhi, the main TN session canceled the remaining election phases. His funeral took place on 24 May, in which leaders from all over the world attended. Seven LTTE members were arrested a few months later, after an investigation team was formed under the leadership of CRPF DIG DR Karthikeyan. Main accused Sivarasan and his accomplices consumed cyanide before being arrested. Dr Karthikeyan told that the first success came from 10 pictures from Hari Babu’s camera. After which an advertisement was given and a toll free number was also issued to tell about these people. We got some 3 to 4 thousand phone calls. We started raiding and soon we started getting success. From the very first day, I was engaged in this work for 24 hours without any rest for seven days. I used to reach the guest house every night at two o’clock for a few hours’ sleep. The whole investigation was completed in 3 months, but it took time for the forensic report to come. Before the first anniversary of the murder, we had filed the charge sheet in the court.

Those words of Rajiv proved right after 7 years

After a few days, Sonia Gandhi expressed her desire and said that she wanted to meet journalist Nina Gopal. After which she went and met him in June. Sonia Gandhi wanted to know how her mood was at the last moment. PC Alexander, who was Indira Gandhi’s principal secretary, wrote in his book that within hours of Indira’s assassination, Sonia was seen fighting Rajiv Gandhi in the corridor of the All India Institute, telling her that the party wanted That I should take oath as the Prime Minister, but Sonia said that at no cost, those people will kill you too. After which Rajiv said that I have no option, I will be killed anyway. After seven years, those words of Rajiv Gandhi finally proved to be true and his life was taken.

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