Nobel Prize: When the winner sold his Nobel Prize, what was the compulsion?

Nobel Prize: When the winner sold his Nobel Prize, what was the compulsion?

Nobel Prize 2022 winners are being announced. So far the Nobel of Medicine and Physics has been announced. Today the name of the Nobel Laureate of Chemistry 2022 will be announced. Medicine this year Nobel Prize 2022 Svante Pabo got it. Three scientists were awarded the Nobel for Physics – Alain Aspect, John Francis Klauser and Anton Zellinger. It is the desire of almost every scientist and activist to get this best award in the world. But do you know that this Nobel Prize has also been sold?

The sellers of the Nobel Prize themselves have been its winners. When the process of auctioning the Nobel for the first time began, it has not been long. The question is, who sold his Nobel Prize and why? In this article you will get the answer of every question.

When was the Nobel Prize auctioned for the first time?

About 9 years ago today… 11 April 2013. Many newspapers around the world said that the Nobel Prize was auctioned for the first time in the 111-year history of Nobel. The scientist who did this was Dr. Francis Crick. The scientist who discovered DNA. The greatest discovery of medical science. For which he was awarded the Nobel Prize in 1962.

Dr. Francis Crick

However, according to the Nobel auction company Heritage Auctions, the first Nobel Prize auction was held in November 2012. Today Niels Bohr auctioned his Nobel in Physics which was awarded to him in 1975.

How much money did you get by selling the Nobel?

Dr Francis Crick, the scientist who discovered DNA, sold his Nobel Prize in 2013 for 1.3 million pounds, or about Rs 11.28 crore. It was estimated that around Rs 3.50 crore would be available in the auction. But the amount received was much more than expected. The specialty of this medal was that the name of Dr. Francis was written on it.

At the same time, Physics Nobel Laureate Aage Niels Bohr received Rs 35.53 lakh for his medal.

Aage Neils Bohr

Why was the Nobel Prize auctioned?

His medal was auctioned by the family of Dr Crick, who discovered DNA. The family said that they want this medal to be given to some museum or institution. Where common people can see it and take inspiration from it. 20% of the auction proceeds were given to research at the Francis Crick Institute in London. It was bought by Jack Wag, COO of Silicon Valley and Shanghai’s Medical Technology Company.

After 2012 and 13, Nobel was auctioned in 2014 as well. James Watson did his Nobel Prize Auction to raise money for a lab. Watson is the scientist who was given this award jointly with Dr. Francis Crick for the discovery of DNA. James Watson was the first person who was alive at the time of his Nobel auction.

Then the very next year in 2015, a Nobel medal was auctioned again. This time American Physicist Leon M Lederman sold his medal for Rs 5.34 crore to meet the cost of his treatment. He was awarded in 1988.

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