No matter how much you threaten… but China cannot attack Taiwan! Know why?

Most talked about in the world China and Taiwan is going on. By the way, China and Taiwan have had strained relations for a long time. In fact, China seems to be very upset with the visit of US House of Representatives Speaker Nancy Pelosi to Taiwan. With this, it is being said that when Pelosi leaves Taiwan, then China can carry out military action on it. This is being said because China has also announced to conduct military exercises in the sea and sky around Taiwan. Not only this, China is also sending its missiles, fighter aircraft and missile defense systems there.

But you must have seen that many times there are reports of China attacking Taiwan, but this does not happen. Taiwan is a very small country in front of China, but then it is constantly competing with China, so the question is how can China do this. Actually, China has such technology, due to which Taiwan is competing with a superpower like China and that silicon shield. Because of this, America along with China cannot do anything for this country.

What is this silicone shield?

Now let’s talk about what is this silicone shield? Let us tell you that Taiwan is very ahead in terms of production. There is a lot of production from fighter aircraft to solar panels, chips etc. Taiwan is the only country that manufactures semiconductor chips in the whole world. Now this production itself is acting as a shield for him. There is no weapon but chip production to protect Taiwan from attack by big countries. It is believed that a country like America would not want to affect this industry, otherwise it would affect many countries. Now it is this production or shield that is protecting Taiwan from attack.

How much effect will this have?

According to reports, if China attacks Taiwan, it will suffer economic loss and Taiwan’s tech power can affect China a lot. This can greatly affect the world economy. If there is an attack on Taiwan, then the whole world will suffer the effect of shortage of hi-tech chips / semiconductors. Every country will be affected by this. According to a 2021 report by the US-based Semiconductor Industry Association, electronic device makers could face a loss of $490 billion if the war affects chip production in Taiwan. Many big companies also take chips from here.

Relations of America and other countries with Taiwan?

By the way, only some countries of the world consider Taiwan to be a separate country and many countries do not consider it a separate country due to the pressure of China. It is also the endeavor of China that other countries do not do anything that will give recognition to Taiwan. At the same time, America also supports Taiwan, because if Taiwan is occupied by China, then this business will come along with China, which may affect America.

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