Missed Booker, now got Nobel… Story of French writer Anne Arnoux who emerged from the working class

for literature Nobel Prize has been announced. french writer Annie Arnox will be awarded the Nobel Literature Prize. The Nobel Prize Announcement Committee has said that Ernox is being awarded the Nobel Prize for his courage and critical style, as well as for his writings highlighting systems and collective problems. Annie Arnoux has also been nominated for the Booker Prize in the past.

82-year-old Enox is the 17th woman to have received the Nobel in Literature. She is a novelist from a working class family. Let us know about them in detail.

father used to run grocery store

Annie Arnoux was born on 1 September 1940 in Yvetot, a small town in France. She grew up with her working class parents. His parents ran a grocery store and cafe. He studied at Rouen University. From 1977 to 2000, she was also a professor at the Center National d’Assignment Par Correspondence. She still lives in France. She is a talented and courageous writer. The background from which she emerged is reflected in her writing as well.

Beginning of literary life in 1974

Annie Arnoux’s literary career began in 1974, when she was 34 years old. His first autobiographical novel was Les Armoires Vides. Most of his works have been in the autobiography genre. Examples are A Woman’s Story, Simple Passion and A Man’s Place. His stories are very close to ordinary life and dotted with struggles. Critics describe his works as writing of the category of memoirs. While Ernox believes that his writing is fiction.

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was nominated for the Booker Prize

Many works of French writer Annie have been translated into English. In 1984, he won the Renadot Prize for one of his autobiographical works, La Place. The novel focused on his relationship with his father and his experiences growing up in a small town in France.

In the year 2019, his book The Years was nominated for the International Booker Prize. His works are mostly published by Seven Stories Press, of which he is also one of the seven founding writers. Annie Enox is the first French writer since Patrick Modiano to win the Nobel in 2014.

What will you get in the prize?

Nobel laureates in every field, including literature, are given a gold medal and a certificate along with a prize money of 10 million kronor (about nine million dollars). Since Alfred Nobel died on the date of 10 December in 1896. Therefore, the winners are honored on 10 December every year. A total of 609 Nobel Prizes have been awarded in different fields from 1901 to 2021.

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