Know this math of seat belt saving human life in road accident

of Tata group Former Chairman Cyrus Mistry The news of his death has also taught people to wear seat belts with shock. The lesson was because he was sitting in the back seat of the car at the time of the accident and was not wearing a seat belt. A study by the SaveLife Foundation conducted in 6 major cities of the country revealed that 98.2 percent of the people do not use the rear seat belt at all.

The survey says, 77 percent of the people were never stopped by the police for not wearing their rear seat belt. At the same time, 37.8 percent people believe that it is not mandatory to put on the rear seat belt. 24% of parents believe that their children do not use seat belts. Survey figures show how careless people are about rear seat belts.

How important is seat belt, understand its math in 5 points

  1. Suppose a car is moving at a speed of 60 kmph and hits a wall, it stops at one place in a few seconds, but the things inside the cabin are also affected by the same speed. This effect is visible until their speed also does not become zero. Its direct effect falls on the side of the windshield and dashboard.
  2. In a situation like an accident, seat belts are the only solution that reduces the pressure of the speed that moves forward at the time of the incident. The seatbelt has helped to hold the body backwards. The modern seat belt keeps the rider tied at the rear and prevents the body from sliding forward in case of shock or pressure.
  3. According to a study by the National Center for Biotechnology Information, wearing a seat belt reduces the risk of death by 65 percent. At the same time, the airbag in front of the driver reduces the risk of death by 8 percent. According to the research report, if someone is wearing a seat belt and the airbag also works at the time of the accident, then the risk of death is reduced by 68 percent.
  4. To prevent such cases, the Central Motor Vehicles Rules state that it is mandatory for the driver and other passengers to wear seat belts while driving. Failure to do so may result in a fine of Rs 1,000.
  5. How important it is to wear a seat belt, it can also be understood from the data of NCRB. According to statistics, 1.55 lakh people died in road accidents across the country in 2021. That is, an average of 426 incidents of road accidents took place daily. According to another survey, if the rules regarding seat belts are strictly followed, then the incidents of road accidents can be reduced. The NCRB figures are indicating something similar. In such a situation, there is a need to strictly implement the rules related to it.

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