Know about those habits of Maharajas, which also teach you a lot…

Often there are many stories related to the luxury and hobbies of King Maharajas. It is told in those stories that how the king-maharaja used to have fun in his life, but do you know that he also tells a lot from the experience in his life. They also tell how to live life so that you and your subjects or subordinates are also happy.

In such a situation, today we are telling you about the ways of living as told by Raja Sir Tanjore Madhav Rao, which can make your life very easy and if you are a leader then you will also get the tricks to lead a team. .

  1. Pay attention to practical experience- Sayaji Rao used to write with his right hand and if he tried to write with left hand then he could write very dirty or could not write well. He had to accept it. Regarding this, it is said that one should control the theoretical knowledge and move towards practical knowledge.
  2. One should be ready for talks- Maharaj Rao said that when power comes in hand, one should never assume that he knows everything. That’s why every leader should be ready to listen and give arguments. Along with this, people who think practical should keep taking their opinion and if they are proved wrong then they should accept and change their views.
  3. Keep this in mind how to take advice- one should learn from the Maharajas how and from whom to take advice. If a leader has to be always updated or to know everything, then he should give respect to his advisors and subordinates. He should allow everyone to express his opinion freely in private and avoid the situation of people complaining about him.
  4. Learn to identify the person – A leader meets different people, some of them are those who want to take advantage of them. They would like to bring down those people who are coming in their way, so such people should be recognized. Maharaja Rao says that the way to avoid such conspirators is to watch quietly and see what they talk about your decisions.
  5. Must be ready to compromise – Everyone should be ready to compromise. It is quite right to stand firm on your decision, but still its consequences must be discussed. That’s why Maharaja Rao used to say that politics is a series of good agreements.
  6. Keep studying- It takes time and experience to improve decisions. If one wants to avoid any mistake then it should be known that what other person had done in this situation before and how they faced this situation. For this you need to read autobiographies etc.
  7. A balance between work and rest is necessary- Rao believed that a balance between work and rest is necessary. Many times your demand may demand more than one’s human courage, in such a situation, you and your subordinate should also get adequate rest.

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