Know about brother Murli, Vimal… One of the rich people of UP is number one and one is second!

There are many businessmen in Uttar Pradesh whose assets are more than 1000 crores. Now the list of these billionaires is continuously increasing and now this number has increased to more than 25. Earlier there were 22 billionaires in Uttar Pradesh, but now this number has increased to 25. You have come to know about the number of billionaires, but do you know who is the richest person in Uttar Pradesh and how much wealth does that person have?

In such a situation, today we tell you about the richest person of UP. The special thing is that this rich person has a brother, whose wealth is less than that, but he is the second richest person in Uttar Pradesh. That is, the names of both the brothers are written in the first and second place in the list of the rich. So know who are these two brothers and what is their business.

Who is the richest person of Uttar Pradesh?

The recently released Hurun Rich List 2022 states that the richest person in Uttar Pradesh is Murli Gyanchandani. At the same time, the second number is the name of Vimal Gyanchandani, who is the brother of Murli Gyanchandani. The names of both the brothers are in the first and second place in the list of rich, which is really surprising. Let us tell you that both the brothers are residents of Kanpur, Uttar Pradesh.

How much is the property with both of them?

According to Huroom Rich List, the total assets of Murli Gyanchandani is Rs 12 thousand crores, who is in the first place. At the same time, the wealth of the second brother Vimal is Rs 8,000 crore, which is second in the list of rich. Last year, Gyanchandani’s assets were worth Rs 9,800 crore and Vimal’s assets were Rs 6,600 crore. Let us tell you that if you add the property of both the brothers, then they are the owners of about 20 thousand crores.

What is business?

Murli Gyanchandani is the Chairman of RSPL Group. According to the Forbes website, both Muralidhar and Vimal run consumer goods firm RSPL Group. RSPL Group is known for its detergents and the name of that detergent is Ghari. Yes, Murli and Vimal are the owners of clock detergent. In this business, Muralidhar’s two sons are also involved in this business.

At the same time, Vimal’s son is Rohit, who has a business in his name. Actually the name of RSPL is Rohit Surfactance Private Limited. Now this company is selling dairy products in the name of Namaste India apart from clock detergent. Namaste India is also a big dairy product of UP. Along with this, the company is doing business in Renewable Energy, Real Estate, FMCG, Footfair Sector. His famous brands include Watch, Red Chief, Expert Dishwash, Namaste India, Pro-Ease, Glory, Venus Cream Bar etc.

more billionaires in noida

Let us inform that in this list of UP, maximum eight industrialists are from Noida, six from Agra, five each from Kanpur and Lucknow. For the first time, Prayagraj has entered the list of rich as Alakh Pandey of Physicswala with assets worth Rs 4,400 crore. Out of these 25 super rich, four industrialists Yogesh Dahiya of Noida, Alka Pandey of Prayagraj, Mohammad Ashiq Qureshi of Agra and Sushila Devi Singhania of Kanpur got the first place.

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