King Dasharatha’s daughter Shanta, whose sacrifices led to the birth of Ram-Lakhon

Whenever the characters of Ramayana are mentioned, there is talk of the four sons of King Dasharatha, but not his daughter. Very few people know that he also had a daughter. The name was Shanta. Goddess Shanta is mentioned in the Bal Kand of Valmiki Ramayana. In Vishnu Purana, she is described as the daughter of King Dasharatha and Queen Kaushalya.An incident related to Goddess Shanta has been described in Vishnu Purana.

According to an episode of Vishnu Purana, once Queen Varshini, sister of Queen Kaushalya, reached Ayodhya. Varshini was the wife of King Somvad of Angadesh. However, they did not have any children after a long time of marriage. Seeing Goddess Shanta, the love of Rani Varshini woke up, but the next moment she became sad after remembering that she did not have children.

When Dasharatha promised to adopt a daughter

Seeing the expression of sorrow on the face of Queen Varshini, King Dasharatha asked the reason for the uneasiness. Rani Varshini said, I wish I also had a daughter like Shanta, I would be happy too. I smile too. In the desire of children, Queen Varshini told King Dasharatha about adopting Shanta. Seeing the plight of Queen Varshini, King Dasharatha promised to adopt his daughter Shanta. In this way the daughter of the Maharaja, Shanta Anga became the princess of the country.

Goddess Shanta was brought up by her aunt. Just as Queen Kaushalya’s sister is not mentioned in Ramlila, similarly very few people know about Goddess Shanta. Goddess Shanta was beautiful as well as knowledgeable of Vedas, arts and crafts

Was married to Rishi Shringi

The context of the marriage of Goddess Shanta has also been expressed. Once upon a time, there was a situation of drought in the kingdom of Rompad. The condition gradually started getting worse. When there was a famine, King Rompad invited the sage Shringi and asked for a solution to the problem. Sage Shringi talked about performing a yagya. Yagya was performed with full rituals. It rained in the state and everyone’s face blossomed.On resolving the country’s problem, King Sompada disputed daughter Shanta with Rishi Shringi. It is said that Rishi Shringa was a great sage. Where he lived there was peace and prosperity. Wherever you used to step there was greenery.

When Goddess Shanta sacrificed

King Dasharatha did not have any children after adopting the daughter. King Dasharatha started getting very upset, then he told his problem to sage Vashistha. Sage Vashishtha advised Dasharatha to conduct Putrakameshti Yagya from Shringi Rishi. Hearing the name of Shringi Rishi, he remembered his daughter. He reached Shringi Rishi and talked about performing a yagya.

On this, Rishi Shringi said that whoever performs this Yagya, all his merits will be negligible. All the glory of his penance will end. He said to Shanta, if I performed a yajna then you will have to live in the forest. Hearing this, Goddess Shanta persuaded him and said, I will bear all this, you should do this yagya for my parents. In this way Goddess Shanta persuaded him to perform the Yagya.

Shringi Rishi performed a yajna to King Dasharatha to get a child. The yajna was successful and King Dasharatha had four sons Rama, Bharata and twins Lakshmana and Shatrughna. In this way Goddess Shanta sacrificed for the sons of King Dasharatha.

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