Kashmir was to be given to Pakistan in exchange for Hyderabad, but what happened that changed everything

After the independence of the country, a big problem had come to the fore. That was the merger of the princely state. at one time India and Pakistan Which princely states would be merged in, this was the biggest question. Most of the princely states in the country had decided to meet in India. One such state was that of Kashmir. The same Kashmir about which even today the situation between India and Pakistan is not normal.

The reins of the princely states in India were handed over to Sardar Vallabhbhai Patel. When the matter of the merger of the princely states came to the fore, King Hari Singh of Kashmir talked about keeping his princely state separate and independent. He stood firm on his decision.

The reason for this was his thinking. He believed that if Jammu and Kashmir merges with Pakistan, then it will be wrong with the Hindu population of Jammu. At the same time, if Kashmir is merged with India, then it will be an injustice to the Muslims. This was the reason that he was advocating to keep his risas independent.

try to solve the problem

In such a situation, an attempt was made to find a solution to this problem. However, Lord Mountbatten had told Raja Harisingh long before that if he merges the princely state with Pakistan, then India will not object to it. VP Menon, who was Mountbatten’s political advisor, has also mentioned this in his book ‘Integration of the Indian States’.

Sardar Patel had agreed to merge Kashmir with Pakistan in lieu of Hyderabad, but on 13 September something happened that changed the whole plan.

The day also came when a tough decision was taken

The date was 13 September 1947. Early in the morning, Sardar Patel wrote a letter to the then Defense Minister Baldev Singh. It was written in the letter that Kashmir can be included in Pakistan. On the same day he also came to know that Pakistan has approved the merger of Junagadh with his country. He got angry on this matter.

He said that if Pakistan can make Junagadh princely state a part of Muslim ruler with Hindu population, then why can’t India make Kashmir princely state of Hindu ruler with Muslim population a part. On the same day the accession of Kashmir to India became the goal of Sarkar Patel.

The year 1957 brought a big change in the history of Kashmir. In 1957, the decision to merge Kashmir with India was approved by the Maharaja. After its seal, the Constitution of Jammu and Kashmir came into force. The Constituent Assembly was dissolved. Its place was taken by the Assembly. In this way, in the constitution of the state, Jammu and Kashmir was described as a part of India. It was implemented on 26 January 1957.

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