How was Lalu successful in breaking the Janata Dal and maintaining a firm grip on power and organization?

Lalu Prasad These things said by the people in Bihar are still on the tongue of the people that “till the time there will be potatoes in the samosa, till then Lalu will remain in Bihar”. Yes, Lalu had proved by forming RJD i.e. Rashtriya Janata Dal on July 5, 1997 that what Lalu is living actually means. lalu fodder scam I was badly surrounded and against them Janata Dal The voice of protest was getting louder. Lalu had the challenge of keeping the key to power with him, while all the doors were seen to be closed for him to maintain his supremacy in the party, but on July 5, 1997, after tearing the Janata Dal in two, Lalu told that there are waves in the middle of the sea. They have the ability to rip it out.

Why did Lalu break the Janata Dal and form the Rashtriya Janata Dal?

This story is very interesting. Lalu Prasad was the CM of Bihar and after the arrest of LK Advani, his stature in the Janata Dal had increased a lot. Janata Dal had suffered in other states but in Bihar Lalu Prasad had emerged as a big leader. In the 1995 assembly elections also, Janata Dal won and Lalu Yadav became the Chief Minister this time on his own. In the meantime, a charge sheet was filed against Lalu Prasad in the fodder scam case in 1997. In a meeting being held in Patna, along with Lalu Prasad, his colleague and state minister Ramjeevan Singh, veteran leaders like Ghulam Sarwar were present. Lalu was ready that this time Sharad Yadav should be appointed as the president of Janata Dal. At the behest of Lalu Prasad, leaders like Ghulam Sarwar, including Ramjivan Singh, had also become the proponent of Sharad Yadav, but after the chargesheet in the fodder scam, the mood of Lalu Prasad started changing.

Ramjivan Singh, the then minister and veteran leader of Janata Dal, says that he became the proponent of Sharad Yadav’s name only at the behest of Lalu Prasad, but Dr. Ranjan Prasad Yadav, who was considered very close to Lalu Prasad, explained to Lalu Prasad that the fodder After being chargesheeted in the scam, Lalu Prasad will have to leave the CM’s chair, so Lalu Prasad should continue on the post of President so that Lalu Prasad can remain as a powerful leader inside and outside the party.

Many people working as ministers in Bihar at that time in the Janata Dal government were surprised. He was trying to resign from the cabinet meeting Lalu Prasad. But Sharad Yadav convinced a leader like Ramjivan Singh that after remaining in the government, he would be able to help Sharad Yadav more in the election of the president. Therefore, some ministers who wanted to resign on moral grounds remained in the party and the election of the President was done.

Actually, Lalu Prasad never used to go to Janata Dal’s office while being CM. In the party, Sharad Yadav’s hold on people outside Bihar was stronger. It was decided that Lalu Prasad would be defeated by Sharad Yadav after the election results for the post of President, but Lalu Prasad broke the party in the meantime and formed a new party on 5 July 1997, which was named Rashtriya Janata Dal. Obviously, all the veterans of the Janata Dal were surprised by this decision of Lalu, but in front of the presence of 17 Lok Sabha MPs and 8 Rajya Sabha MPs and a large number of workers and supporters, Lalu Prasad Yadav was elected the President of the party. Obviously, after that Lalu Prasad was also convicted, but even today he is sitting on the post of the national president of the party and since the inception of the party, till now he is the undisputed leader of the Rashtriya Janata Dal.

Ramjivan Singh, vice-president of Janata Dal and a minister in Lalu Prasad’s cabinet, says that most of the MLAs, MPs and leaders in Bihar were ready to go with Lalu Prasad, so there was no loss of Lalu Prasad to the national public politically.

Even after being chargesheeted in the fodder scam, how did Lalu keep the key to power by making Rabri the CM?

In 1997, when Lalu Yadav’s name came up in the fodder scam and an arrest warrant was issued in his name, the Janata Dal itself started raising its voice against him. In 1992, Inder Kumar Gujral, who became a member of the Rajya Sabha with the help of Lalu Yadav, had failed to save Lalu Prasad from the CBI. In the meeting held at PM Gujral’s house on the evening of July 4, Lalu Prasad was offering to leave the post of CM but he was adamant to remain on the post of Janata Dal President. On the evening of July 4, other big leaders of the party did not face one of them, so on July 5, 1997, Lalu Yadav made the Janata Dal stand on its knees by separating from the Janata Dal and forming the Rashtriya Janata Dal. In this campaign, Ranjan Prasad Yadav, who is called Chanakya of Lalu, also had an important role and the mind of preparing the draft of RJD in Bihar is also considered to be of Ranjan Prasad Yadav.

Ramjivan Singh says that as the working president of the party, Sharad Yadav used to hold on to more workers in the country, but only a few female leaders were left to run against Lalu Prasad in Bihar. Ramjivan Singh further says that on July 25, Lalu Prasad made another new experiment by making Rabri Devi the CM and thus the Lalu family retained its hold on power in Bihar.

These leaders helped to strengthen RJD and the government

On July 5, 1997, RJD was established in Delhi and along with Lalu Prasad, leaders like Raghuvansh Prasad Singh, Kanti Singh, stood with full promptness. Lalu had become the champion of forward versus backward politics in Bihar. So Ramai Ram as a Dalit leader, Shakuni Choudhary as a queer leader was ready to walk in Bihar step by step with Lalu Prasad. Lalu Prasad was successful in becoming the CM in the year 1990 by the grace of Devi Lal, but after that Lalu Prasad was successful in forming the government in the year 1995 due to his charismatic leadership. After making Rabri the CM in 1997, Lalu Prasad was able to win 124 seats out of 324 in the 2000 elections. In the 2009 assembly elections, BJP was reduced to 67 seats, Congress 23, JDU 21 and Samta Party 34 seats.

Atal Bihari Vajpayee-led NDA government was at the center and Nitish Kumar was made CM with the support of BJP, but Nitish Kumar could not stand in front of Lalu Prasad’s magical management till the year 2005. Devi remained the CM of Bihar. It is obvious that Lalu Prasad was the CM of Bihar indirectly till the year 2005 and Rashtriya Janata Dal is still present as the largest party in Bihar. Lalu is sick and convicted, but his political moves and the image of a messiah among the backwards have made him immortal forever in Bihar politics. Lalu Prasad, who became a member of the Lok Sabha at the age of 29, continued to strengthen his grip on the regional politics of Bihar since 1980. In 1985, Lalu became the Leader of the Opposition in the Vidhan Sabha and after becoming the CM in the year 1990, he has consistently remained at the center of Bihar’s politics.

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