How was Feroze Gandhi’s last rites done? about which a lot of lies are told

Today is the death anniversary of Feroze Gandhi, husband of former Prime Minister Indira Gandhi. Feroze Gandhi is one such member of the Gandhi family, about whom a lot of false facts are made viral on social media. After the death of Feroze Gandhi, many things are shared about how his last rites were performed and what religion he believed in. In such a situation, today we are telling you what claims are made on social media and how much truth is there in those claims.

Actually, claims are made on social media that Firoz Gandhi was a Muslim and was buried after his death. In this way, it is important to know how much truth is in these claims. Also, you will know many more special things related to the life of Feroze Gandhi, about which you may not know.

Was Feroze Gandhi a Muslim?

Feroze Gandhi breathed his last in the morning at Wellington Hospital, who died on 8 September 1960. After this he was cremated, about which many claims are made on social media. First of all, let us tell you that Feroze Gandhi belonged to Parsi religion and it is wrong to call him a Muslim. Now the question is why he is considered a Muslim. It is argued behind this that his tomb was made. So let us further tell what is the story of making the tomb.

how was the funeral

Even after being a Parsi, Firoz Gandhi wanted that he should not be buried and he should be cremated according to Hindu customs. The same thing happened after his death. A BBC report quoted Bertil Falk’s book Feroz – The Forgotten Gandhi as saying that his body was kept in Teen Murti Bhavan. Also at that time all the scriptures were recited while the last rites were Hindu rites. At that time Rajiv Gandhi was 16 years old and he had lit the funeral pyre of Feroze Gandhi’s dead body.

Some Parsi traditions were also followed

According to reports, it has been said in this book that some Parsi traditions were also followed after the death, but the last rites were performed in a Hindu manner. The entire first chapter of ‘Ahnaveti’ was read by placing a piece of cloth over the face of the mortal remains of Feroze Gandhi.

Then why was the crub built?

After the funeral of Feroze Gandhi, his ashes were also flown in the Sangam. However, some ashes were immersed after the last rites, while some were buried. Where these ashes were buried, a grave has also been built there. It is said about this tomb that he was a Muslim. However, its story is different.

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