How powerful was Queen Elizabeth, who ruled Britain for 7 decades, understand in 5 points

who ruled Britain for 7 decades Queen Elizabeth II He died at the age of 96. She was ill for some time. The Queen died in Balmoral, Scotland. He holds the record for the longest reign in Britain. She was the queen of not only Britain, but also of 14 other independent countries. Countries that were part of Britain.

He had an important role in running the British government. This was because Queen Elizabeth was given the title of Head of State. They were given information about the government activities and political situation throughout the day. Not only this, whatever is discussed in important meetings, the signature of the Queen was definitely taken in the official documents. After the death of the Queen, all her rights and powers The sons will meet the new King Prince Charles.

From the secret meeting with the PM to the royal seal on the law, understand the full details of the powers of Queen Elizabeth in 5 points

  1. Secret meeting with PM: The meeting time of the British Prime Minister and the Queen was fixed. The Prime Minister was usually allowed to meet the Queen every Wednesday. He has to meet the Queen and give details of the official work and conditions. The meeting of the PM and the Queen is secret, that is, during this what both said, officially no record is kept.
  2. Important role in formation and dissolution of government: Before the new government is formed in Britain, the prime ministerial candidate has to meet the Queen. Even after this, permission is given to form the government. That is, the main leader of the party that won the general election is called Buckingham Palace, but this year the tradition was broken because the Queen was in Scotland. So Britain’s new PM Liz had to go to Scotland to meet the Queen. Not only this, the Queen also has the right to dissolve the government before the general election.
  3. Right to put royal seal on law: Whenever any law is made in the UK Parliament, it is mandatory to put the royal seal on it. After becoming law, the final approval for the permission of the Queen is received from Buckingham Palace itself. Only then can it be implemented.
  4. Heads of State of 14 Countries: The Queen was also the head of more than 600 institutions. These include charities, public service organizations and military associations. Apart from this, she was also the head of state of 14 Commonwealth countries. Not only this, she has been hosting the visiting heads of state from other countries.
  5. Speech from the throne in the parliamentary session: Whenever the new session of the year begins in the British Parliament, the Queen has been inaugurating it. In the speech given in the House of Lords, she gives information about the policies and plans of the government. Just like the President gives a speech in India. This year, Prince Charles gave a speech in Parliament on behalf of the Queen.

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