How much do you know about the LGBTQ community that 14 countries banned from entering Disney’s film ‘Lightyear’?

Disney (Disney) of the animated movie Lightyear (Lightyear) has been banned by 14 countries. It includes most Arab countries. The reason for banning the film is a scene on which these countries object. Usually in such a situation film controversy (Film ControversyStudios remove that scene to stop ), but Disney didn’t. The month of June is celebrated as Pride Month. During this, the rights and freedoms of the people of the LGBTQ community are discussed. Keeping this in mind, the release time of the film was fixed as June 18. The film features two characters belonging to the LGBTQ community who kiss each other.Kiss) We do. This is the biggest reason for the film being banned.

Know, what is LGBTQIA+ and what its different characters mean

What is LGBTQIA+ and its meaning

LGBTQIA+ is a community that includes L-lesbian, G-gay, B-bisexual, T-transgender and L-queer people. That’s why it’s called LGBTQIA+.


This flag represents the LGBTQIA+ community.

This is what every letter of LGBTQIA+ means

L – Lesbian: This term is used for such women or girls who get attracted towards the same gender. That is, the attraction is between the girl and the girl.

G-Gay: It is used for men who are attracted to each other. Advocate Saurabh Kripal also belongs to this category.

B -Bisexual: If a man or a woman is attracted to both genders, then they are called bisexual. That is, both a woman and a man can be bisexual.

T- Transgender: Most people will be familiar with this term. It is used for eunuchs. The people related to this are such that at the time of birth, the private parts were boys and the upbringing was given the same, but with increasing age, they started feeling like a girl.

Q – Queer: The term was added to the LGBT community much later. Such people come in queer who have not yet understood the desire of their body. That is, he neither considers himself a woman nor a man. Neither gay, bisexual or lesbian.

I- Intersex: This word has been added to this community a while back. Those people come under intersex who are not born with normal reproductive organs. They look like a woman or a man in appearance, but the reproductive organs are not of that gender.

A- Asexual: It is also known by the name of the word Elai. This word is used for such people. Those who are not attracted to any kind of gender.

+ plus : A + sign has been added behind the LGBTQIA community, which means that people who do not fit into any category of LGBTQIA can join this community.

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