How many Hindu temples are there in Britain and how Hindus do worship there!

England is in discussion about Hindu-Muslim violence in India. Yes, religious violence has also been seen in the city of Leicester, England. There have been many clashes between the two sides for the last two days and the police have also been attacked. The controversy that started with the India-Pakistan match is still going on. The matter came into the limelight when a protestor also removed the saffron flag from a Hindu temple here.

The protestor raised the flag in the presence of the police, the video of which is going viral on social media. There is an atmosphere of tension in many places of England regarding this. After the removal of the flag of the temple in England, the question is how many temples are there in England and how the Hindus living there are involved in religious activities. So know how many Hindus and how many temples are there in England and how Hindus worship.

How many Hindus live?

According to the 2011 census, there are 8,16,633 Hindus living in England and Wales, some 1.5 per cent of the population. At the same time, in the year 2001, this number used to be 5,52,421. If you look closely at the figures, then the number of Indians in England is increasing continuously. Like 0.06% in 1961, 0.28% in 1971, 0.56% in 1981, 1.06% in 2001 and 1.46% in England and Wales in 2011.

You will be surprised to know that after Christianity (59%) and Islam (5%) people of Hinduism live in England. That is, people of Hindu religion live in large numbers. However, there are 25 percent people who do not believe in any religion. Explain that more than 30% of Hindus are below 24 years of age. Over 40% are in the age group of 25-49 and 15% in the age group of 50-64. Less than 10% of Hindus are over 65 years of age.

When was the first temple built?

Indians lived in England before India’s independence. According to a Bloomberg report, there was no temple in London till the year 1950. This was followed by the Radha-Krishna temple in the 1960s, which was on lease with George Harinson.

How many temples are there now?

According to many reports, there are currently 189 total Hindu temples in England and this number is from the year 2015. Earlier in 2001 there were 109 temples. Hindu Parishad, an organization of Hindus living in Britain, believes that there are 161 temples in the UK and 423 Hindu organizations and groups. At the same time, according to the registered temples, there are 157 temples in England and Wales. There is also the Swaminarayan Temple in the northwest of London, which is said to be the largest Hindu temple outside India.

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