How is the Vice President of the country elected, how different is the election process from the President?

Now after the election of the President of the country Vice Presidential election It’s turn. Elections are to be held for the new Vice-President of the country on 6th August i.e. Saturday. The NDA candidate for the post of Vice President is Jagdeep Dhankhar, who has been the Governor of West Bengal. At the same time, Margaret Alva was made the candidate on behalf of the opposition. Now the politics is going on regarding this election as well. Actually, AAP has announced to support Margaret Alva and BSP has announced to support Jagdeep Dhankhar. Now it is to be seen which candidate gets more support in the election of Vice President.

In the meantime, there is also a question in the minds of the people that how the Vice President of the country is elected and how the candidate for this post is selected. In such a situation, we know how voting is done in the election of Vice President, how votes are counted and what is its formula.

Who can contest the Vice Presidential election?

A candidate must be a citizen of India to contest the election of the Vice-President. His age should be more than 35. Apart from this, he should have all the qualifications, which are necessary to become a Rajya Sabha MP. To contest the election of the Vice-President, the candidate also has to deposit a certain amount as security and this amount is forfeited if he does not get 1 to 6 votes. The same thing happens in the general public representatives elections as well. At the same time, each candidate needs 20 proposers, which is an MP. That is, before filing nomination for the election, it is necessary to have 20 MPs together.

How is the election done?

The Vice-President is elected by proportional representative method. This means that the voter gives only one vote, but he has to decide the priority on the basis of his choice. It gives ratings to all the candidates in the same way and not just selects one person.

Who take part in the election?

Just as the MPs of Lok Sabha and Rajya Sabha participate in voting in the election of the President, in the same way, MPs also participate in it. However, the members of the Legislature do not participate in the election of the Vice-President, that is, the MLAs do not participate in the election. Only MPs vote. Apart from this, the way the nominated MPs do not participate in the election in the Presidential elections, in contrast to this, those MPs also participate in this election. Meaning a total of 788 votes can be cast in the election. In this, 543 MPs of Lok Sabha and 243 members of Rajya Sabha vote. There are also 12 nominated MPs among the Rajya Sabha members.

How is victory decided?

In the election of the Vice President, victory is decided if the number of votes of MPs is more than half of the votes. In this process, more than half the figure has to be crossed. For example, suppose 360 ​​MPs have voted, then one more than half of them i.e. 181 votes will be required for victory. If it contains a decimal position, the .50 will be dropped.

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