How India has been a ‘world guru’ in science and technology… ISRO and ICHR will explore history together

In the stories of Ramayana and Mahabharata, we have read a lot about techniques like Pushpak Vimana, Agnibaan and Akashvani. We have also been seeing that research is being done on our Vedas and Puranas in the country and abroad, due to which Science and Technology There has been a lot of help in the field of How India has really been a ‘Vishwa Guru’ in these areas, ISRO And ICHR Together we will figure it out.

Indeed, the Indian Council of Historical Research (ICHR) and the Indian Space Research Organization (ISRO) have decided to work together to trace India’s contribution to science and technology using evidence from ancient scriptures. Work on this project to compile the history of Indian science and technology is about to begin.

History will be compiled in six volumes

ICHR member secretary Prof. Umesh Ashok Kadam says that discussions have been held with ISRO Chairman S. Somnath and a concept note will be sent soon in this regard. He said, a compilation of the history of Indian science and technology will be prepared in six volumes, out of which two volumes will be related to ancient history, two volumes to medieval and two volumes to modern times.

He told that under this project, an amount of Rs 25 lakh has been approved from the Ministry of Education for the next five months. Apart from scientists, historians, experts of various subjects are being included in this project.

India’s overall history will come to the fore

Kadam also informed that the ICHR has undertaken a comprehensive project to write a comprehensive history of India from an Indian perspective, which will include materials, references and information available in different regions of the country and in local languages.

He said that a holistic history of India still exists, but it is influenced by medieval Islamic and colonial and post-independence Marxist perspectives. In such a situation, the project of writing a complete history of India has been started. on this project five crore Will cost Rs. For this, the Ministry of Education has recently released Rs 22 lakh for five months.

He told that the overall history of India will be prepared in several volumes. Its first section has been targeted to be prepared in the next five months. The target is to release the first volume on 22 March 2023.

PM Modi hinted at conspiracy

Prime Minister Narendra Modi said on Friday that India was rectifying its past mistakes by celebrating its heritage and remembering its unsung heroes who were lost in the pages of conspiracy-written history during the colonial era.

Kadam informed that the council is also working on creating a digital library on local language sources related to Indian culture and history. He said that many towns in India have rich information, references and material related to history in local languages. These are present in many local languages ​​including ancient Telugu, Tamil, Prakrit, Magahi, Kashmiri, Braj.

He said that such materials are also available with some private organizations and libraries and in this case all these will be collected and put on the ICHR website in digital form so that there will be reference for future.

History of many dynasties will come to the fore

The member secretary of the ICHR informed that the council has signed letter of intent for this purpose with Center for Advanced Studies on Maratha, Shivaji University, Chaupasani Shiksha Samiti, Jodhpur, Mythic Society Bangalore and some other institutions.

He said that special attention is being paid to the history of different periods of Ahom dynasty of Assam, Yadav dynasty of Davangere, Rashtrakuta dynasty, Kadam dynasty, Chera dynasty, Marathas and dynasties associated with Kashmir in historiography. Kadam said that the role of ICHR in this is not political, but the reality is being presented from an academic point of view.

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