How do migratory birds travel thousands of kilometers to reach the same place without losing their way, this is the secret

With the onset of winter, more than 100 species of birds fly to India from all over the world. These migratory birds reach here in search of food and shelter. These rivers, oceans and mountains (MountainsAfter crossing thousands of kilometers, they reach India. After a certain time, these migratory birds then return to their homes. The most surprising thing is how they manage to do this. Even after traveling thousands of kilometers, how do they go back on the same path and find their old city?

Today is World Migratory Bird Day, on this occasion, know in 5 points how they find their old place back after traveling thousands of kilometers…

  1. Scientists did research to understand why migratory birds do this. Research says that the Earth has its own magnetic field. Birds have a special ability to sense this magnetic field. Migratory birds use their ability in the same way as humans understand direction using a compass. Now understand how this happens?
  2. Research published in the journal Nature says that the retina of birds’ eyes contains a protein that is very sensitive to the Earth’s magnetic field. These proteins are called cryptochromes. With the help of this protein, they get signals and even after walking on long distances they do not forget it.
  3. The report says, due to this quality, migratory birds feel the change in the weather and decide when to leave for another country and which route to choose. Scientists from Oxford and Oldenburg University did research on this quality of migratory birds. How the scientists understood this quality of them, now let us know it.
  4. Scientists understood the system of birds with the help of which they do this. He says, retinas act like magnetic sensors. In this, a special kind of reaction takes place with the help of proteins and they get all the necessary information about their direction.
  5. Scientists have said that if understood in easy language, birds have an inbuilt GPS even from birth, this helps them to find the way and while traveling, all the birds are seen flying in a straight line. At the same time, in another research on this, it has been said that when the cryptochromes protein absorbs the rays of light, then it becomes easier for them to get direction.