How 14 sperm whales died together in Australia, whose ‘vomit’ sells for Rs 30 lakh

Australia’s Tasmania is in the news because of the sperm whale. Actually, 14 sperm whales died here one after the other. This case is of King Island, where people saw many whales lying together. So far, the reasons for the death of whale fish have not been known and now its experts are finding out the cause of death. At the same time, the possibility of increasing their number is also being seen.

By the way, among Tasmania, there are often discussions about the death of whales. A few years ago, 470 pilot whales were found stranded on the west coast of Tasmania in a similar fashion. After a week-long rescue operation, 111 whales were saved and 350 whales died. Let us tell you that the sperm whale is one of the most talked about whales and is considered to be quite rare, in such a situation, their death raises many questions.

In such a situation, today we tell you that for what reasons can whales die and for what reason sperm whales are special. Know the special things related to sperm whale, which is important for you to know…

What is the cause of death?

Although the causes of death are being discussed right now, but many speculations are being made about his death. According to an AFP report, biologist Chris Carlyone, a biologist with the government’s conservation agency, told the local newspaper Mercury that the young whale probably died “as a result of adventures at sea going wrong”. Apart from this, one reason is being told that she will be near the shore. Perhaps there would be food for them and then they would have been trapped in the lower level of the water. It is also being told that whales must have reached shallow water here by navigating wrong. After which the incident of being trapped with them must have happened.

Why is the sperm whale special?

Let us tell you that the sperm whale is considered a rare species in the world and even a small part of its body like teeth is sold in crores. Now their number is continuously decreasing and it is said that at present there are only about three lakh sperm whales left in the world. These whales are also known to cause vomiting. Actually, their vomit is very expensive and the cost of one kg of it is also around 30 lakh rupees.

What happens is that when the sperm whale eats a catalfish, octopus or any other sea creature, there is a special secretion in its digestive system. This is done so that his body is not harmed by sharp teeth or limbs. Later, the sperm whale expels the unnecessary secretions from their body through vomit. During this, she removes the embegres from her body. After exposure to sunlight and salt water of the sea, vomiting becomes embegress. The smell of embegras is very bad, but on contact with air, its smell becomes sweet. Prevents the fragrance of Embegress perfume from flying in the air.

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