Hindi Diwas: Understand in 7 points, why is the future of Hindi bright not only in India but in the world?

The scope of Hindi is increasing rapidly all over the world. Hindi is no longer just the language of official documents. As India is emerging as a big market, the scope of Hindi is also increasing along with it. Foreign companies are needing Hindi speaking people to expand their business in India. The number of students studying Hindi in universities around the world is increasing.

There are many such examples which show that the future of Hindi language is very bright. Know, 7 examples that confirm this.

  1. The growing dominance of Hindi from LinkedIn to Facebook: The number of people posting Hindi on social media is increasing. An example of this is the job searching platform LinkedIn. After America, LinkedIn’s largest market is in India. To increase the usage base, the company has also launched its Hindi version. This proves how well-known companies in the world need Hindi to increase their business.
  2. From Translation to the Booker Prize: Foreign companies are now giving importance to Hindi also. To expand her business in India, she is hiring Hindi content writers on a large scale. As a result, the demand for translation and content writing is increasing. There is a growing demand all over the world to read the books of Hindi writers. Recently, Indian author Gitanjali Shree’s translated book Tomb of Sand gets the International Booker Prize confirms this.
  3. Growing Entertainment Industry: Now that era is not there when there is craze among the audience only about Bollywood films. Now the scope of South cinema and Hollywood films is increasing. The Hindi audience group is very important for the filmmakers, that is why most of the films are being released by dubbing in Hindi along with regional languages ​​so as to reach more and more audience and earn more.
  4. Ease and simplicity of Hindi: The future of Hindi is also bright because if you look at the most spoken languages, then it is easy to understand and speak. China’s Mandarin is the most spoken language after English, but learning and speaking it is not easy at all. Hindi is much easier to speak and learn than these two languages.
  5. Joined 7 languages ​​to become web addresses: Hindi is also progressing rapidly in the world of technology. Now it has joined the 7 languages ​​that are currently being used to create web addresses.
  6. E-commerce website now in Hindi also: The kind of change that is visible about Hindi is pointing towards its bright future. E-commerce websites that have always supported English are now moving towards Hindi. This is the reason that now the legendary e-commerce platform Amazon has also started giving names of its products in Hindi. Now products can also be searched by speaking in Hindi.
  7. Hindi e-book market increased:The e-book market is growing all over the world. In this the demand of Hindi e-book readers has increased. According to a report, the e-book market has reached $ 917 billion in the year 2018.

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