Hindi Diwas : Understand in 5 points how Hindi is spreading from Africa to America

About 6900 mother tongues are spoken in the world, out of which 40 percent are such that they are going through the crisis of their existence, but Hindi is spreading its feet day by day, America, Britain, Germany, New Zealand, South Africa, UAE, Uganda In countries like Guyana, Suriname and Mauritius, the number of Hindi speakers has increased rapidly, apart from America, Hindi is developing rapidly in European countries and Gulf countries as well. Fiji, a country in the South Pacific Ocean, has given Hindi the official status of the official language, which is a matter of great pride for Hindi and Hindi speakers.

1-Google recognized the influence of Hindi

The number of people using Hindi on the Internet is increasing continuously, Google has also recognized this effect, according to a survey by Google, the number of people reading content in Hindi on the Internet is increasing by 94 percent every year, in contrast to English Users are decreasing by 17 percent every year, apart from this, the number of people using computers in Hindi is also increasing rapidly, in view of this, all the tech companies are manufacturing software in Hindi.

2- Hindi being taught all over the world

Today Hindi is gaining global acceptance leaving behind all its rivals, there are 176 universities in the world where Hindi is being taught as a main subject, here Hindi is the language of study, teaching and research, 32 in America alone. There are universities and educational institutions, apart from this, Hindi is also taught at London University, Cambridge and York University in Britain, 15 educational institutions in Germany have also adopted the study of Hindi language and literature. There are many universities in Russia where research is being done on Hindi literature.

3- Then Hindi will become the second language of the world

If Hindi continues to grow at this pace in the world, then soon Hindi will become the second most spoken language in the world, according to Ethnologue, an organization that holds the history of languages, after Chinese and English language, Hindi is the third most spoken language in the world. According to the calculations of the World Economic Forum, Hindi has been placed among the 10 most powerful languages ​​of the world. Apart from this, Hindi is also included in the top 10 languages ​​spoken in America.

4- Hindi growing rapidly in America

The number of people speaking Hindi in America is about six and a half million, according to the Language Use in United States – 2011 report, Hindi is included in the top 10 languages ​​spoken in America, according to the American Community Survey, Hindi in America is more than 100 percent faster. is increasing at a rapid pace.

5- Efforts to make the seventh language of the United Nations

Efforts are being made by India to get Hindi recognized as the seventh official language of the United Nations, in 2018, the then External Affairs Minister Sushma Swaraj, while answering a question in the Lok Sabha, said that the seventh official language of the United Nations. To make it an official language, the support of two-thirds of the 193 member states, ie 129 member states, is needed.

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