Hindi Diwas : It has become a necessity of every brand in India, whether it is indigenous or foreign.

Hindi is now present at the global level, there is no such corner of the world where there is no Hindi speaker, it is the result of the acceptance of Hindi in the global scenario that today there are about 750 million people in the world Hindi speaking, in all the major universities of the world. Hindi is being taught, people are liking Hindi in America as well as in Europe and African countries. Hindi is being used so much on the Internet that experts have even started to believe that in a few years this number will exceed the number of people using the Internet in English. Seeing this growing power of Hindi, now global companies are taking the help of Hindi to take their brand to the people.

Hindi speaking people growing on the internet

Due to the ever-increasing Hindi speaking people on the Internet, the use of Hindi is becoming necessary for every brand, in fact, at present, the branding of every product is first and foremost on the Internet and the number of Hindi speakers is increasing here. , confirms this in a report by the Google search engine, stating that the number of people reading Hindi content on the Internet is increasing by 94% annually, while the number of people reading content in English is declining by 17%, a According to statistics, there are about 200 million people in the world who are using Hindi on the Internet. Apart from this, according to the calculations of the World Economic Forum, Hindi has also been included in the 10 powerful languages ​​of the world.

Flipkart-Amazon Everyone Needs Hindi

Global companies and e-commerce companies are now increasing their business activities in Asia, Hindi is becoming the biggest medium of their reach to the people, apart from this, about 20 million people of Indian origin settled in 132 countries of the world in Hindi. As they perform their functions, Amazon, Flipkart, OLX, Quikr and other e-commerce companies across the world are adopting Hindi to reach their Hindi speaking customers, apart from social media such as Facebook, Twitter, YouTube also adopting Hindi. are adopting.

Branding is the ‘spirit’ of any product

Branding is the process that gives power to any product or service, it is like the intrinsic feeling of a product or company, and this feeling can be expressed only in the language that people understand most, because branding is the company or company. Ensures the development and future of the product, Hindi does this work easily because it is the most spoken language in the world after Chinese and English, Ethnologue, an organization of languages ​​around the world, also believes that if Hindi If it continues to progress like this, soon it will come from number three to second in the world.

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