Hindi Diwas: Do you understand the meaning of these words in Hindi?

Hindi, which is the third most spoken languages ​​in the world, is a rich and developed language, it has been given the status of official language in the country, very few people will know, but there are many ancient names of Hindi, Deshbhasha, Hindavi, Deshbhasha. Bhasha and Bhakha have been said, although the people who gave these names were also different, for example Tulsidas used to call Hindi Bhakha and Malik Muhammad Jayasi Hindavi, which shows that the scope of Hindi was never limited. This is the identity of our identity even today, on Hindi Diwas, let us tell you the meaning of some such words, which you are unaware of till date.

1- cowardice, meaning- cowardice

Sentence Usage: ‘The utterance of that word just kept pricking the canister in our chest and we kept on suffering everything with grudge’

2- summoned, meaning – called

Sentence Usage: ‘Raju called a meeting of the society at his house, but only two-four people reached there’

3- Aahuti, meaning- sacrifice

Sentence Usage: ‘The brave soldier sacrificed his life while fighting for the country.

4- Kinkartavya delusional, meaning – in disguise

Sentence Usage: ‘Things kept getting worse, but the competent authorities remained ignorant of duty.

5- Agama, Arthashastra

Sentence Usage: ‘To get the knowledge of our religion, we should adopt Agama’

6- Matched, similar in meaning

Sentence Usage : ‘You can choose the one that suits your needs’

7- rain, meaning rain

Sentence Usage: ‘This time there was a lot of hailstorm in Madhya Pradesh, which has damaged the crops’

8- Preference, meaning- superiority

Sentence Usage : ‘The names selected after the interview are written in order of preference’

9- blocked, meaning- hindrance

Sentence Usage: ‘That game was good, but his fitness has acted as a barrier’

10- Quick, meaning – very soon

Sentence Usage: ‘The complaint reached the officer and he got it resolved quickly’

11 – disregard, meaning – contempt

Sentence Usage: The lower classes were disregarded by the upper classes

12 – family, meaning – all living together, full family

Sentence Usage: Family is the only happy family.

13 – specified, meaning – assigned

Sentence Usage: Ram Gopal Varma was designated for the post of teacher.

14- Vyutikram, meaning – the reverse of the sequence is straight

Sentence Usage: When the result of this time came, all the students got confused.

15 – Akinchitkar, meaning – meaningless

Sentence Usage : The answer given by Shyam in the examination was unintelligible.

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