Hindi Diwas: 10 great classics of Hindi, which are being read by people all over the world

Literature is the mirror of society. It also shows the mirror to the society and affects it. Talking about Hindi, we, you and many people have grown up studying literature since childhood. But what is the origin of literature? “Hiten sah iti sashtimuh tasyabhava: sahityam” This famous Sanskrit sutra-sentence means, the basic element of literature is the welfare of all, that is, the good of all. Good literature also helps in building the character of a person.

Books are our best friends. What is your personality, it also depends on what kind of literature you read. By the way, you must have understood why we are talking about Hindi literature today! Today is Hindi Day and today we will talk about the 10 best works of Hindi, which have been read in many countries of the world. You must also read these works.

So let’s start…

  1. Godan :- This novel is said to be the best work of the great litterateur of the country, Munshi Premchand. This is the story of Hori, a farmer who works lifelong to save his dignity and keep others happy. However, he does not get its fruits and he makes his life home by austerity. It is said to be a balanced mix of the two stories of the village and the city. This is the story of every Indian farmer of that era.
  2. How many Pakistan :- This is a unique creation of famous Hindi litterateur Kamleshwar, which will probably be found in the library of every literary lover. He has also received the Sahitya Akademi Award for this novel based on the pain of India-Pakistan partition and Hindu-Muslim relations. There is no hero in this novel. Kamleshwar wrote in the role, “There was no hero or superhero in front, so I had to make the time the hero, the superhero and the villain.” This novel is believed to be the result of internal conflict within Kamleshwar.
  3. River Island:- This novel was written by Satchidananda Hiranand Vatsyayan ‘Agyeya’. This is one of his 3 famous novels. It is a psychological novel, which came out in 1951, in which in a way sexual relations are centered around life. Its three main characters are Bhuvan, Rekha and Gaura. Each character is like an island, surrounded by rivers all around, but utterly alone. If you haven’t read this novel, then do read it.
  4. Raag Darbari :- What can be said about this satirical novel. Written by Srilal Shukla, this novel provides a satirical depiction of the anarchy prevailing in post-independence India, especially in rural and rural areas. The purpose of this novel has been to make people aware of the corruption prevalent everywhere after independence. Many parts of it also fit into the recent scenario.
  5. Muddy zone:- This first novel of regional writing master Phanishwar Nath Renu focuses on the Purnia area of ​​Bihar. Renu has told this story, considering Purnia adjacent to the border of Nepal as a symbol of backward villages. In this, he has told the story of the contradiction between caste society and class consciousness. It is considered a classic work of Hindi literature.
  6. Half Village :- This novel by famous Hindi writer Rahi Masoom Raza, published in 1966, also shows the tragedy of Partition. The plot of this novel is a village in Uttar Pradesh- Gangauli. This is the native village of the author. Some of the problems of the region are – the thinking of the people changing with the announcement of the formation of Pakistan, the poison of communalism, the communal forces spreading in the minds of the innocent people of Gangauli. He has presented the Muslim-environment in a great way. According to Raza, this is the story of the passing time in Gangauli.
  7. Dark Ages:- You must have seen Prakash Jha’s film ‘Rajneeti’! The plot of Mahabharata is also seen in its background. This work was done by Dharamvir Bharati decades ago, in the play Andha Yuga. He also established modern sentiment through mythology. Through the characters of Mahabharata, he has portrayed the message of Karmayoga, opposition to indecent and immoral conduct, the horrors of war, etc.
  8. Your Bunty:- Hindi literature of the 20th century would probably be considered incomplete without this novel by Mannu Bhandari. This novel is both child psychology and women’s discourse in it. It is difficult to say whether this is mainly the story of the child Bunty or that of mother Shakun. And this is not only the story of Shakun, but the story of ‘Nai Stree’ increasing her stature in the society. This is the story of innocent, helpless and insecure Bunty, who is trapped in the conflict of married life. This touching and thought provoking work of the author is a classic novel.
  9. Mohandas:- There is a long story of Uday Prakash, widely read among modern writers – Mohandas. This is the story of a common man. The story of a talented but scared man from an ordinary family, whose family is poor despite being hardworking. In the words of Vijay Sharma, the entire family of Nayak Mohandas is hungry and naked even after working day and night. Despite being honest, he eats stumbling blocks from rate to rate. In this book he has used desi language.
  10. sand mausoleum- Many of us have recently come to know about this name. The reason is that the novel Sand Samadhi (translated by Daisy Rockwell) of senior writer Geetanjali Shree has got the International Booker Prize. The same story has been told in how an 80-year-old woman from a typical Indian family, who is suffering from depression, decides to cross the border and go to Pakistan and how she removes herself from this depression. This is the story of woman consciousness, who overcomes all the disappointments and reaches an optimistic point.

,Disclaimer: So far, thousands of such works have been composed in literature, which are great in themselves and are being read all over the world. We asked teachers teaching Hindi literature in different universities of the country to suggest names of 15 best works and 10 common works have been given place in this report.,

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