Hindi Divas: How popular is Hindi in Pakistan, where it is called ‘the language of the enemy’

Apart from India, the popularity of Hindi is increasing continuously in other countries as well. You must have also seen that foreigners are coming to India and learning Hindi, they are very fond of Hindi songs. Many people are also making videos on Hindi songs or dialogues. But, do you know about Pakistan, how much popularity of Hindi is there. How much importance is given to Hindi in Pakistan at present? Also the question is how much Hindi is liked in Pakistan?

So on the occasion of Hindi Diwas, we answer all these questions and tell you what was the situation in Pakistan before independence and now what is the status of Hindi in Pakistan…

What was the situation before independence?

Before the independence of Pakistan, Hindi was given special importance even in the provinces of Pakistan. At that time, many writers used to write many works in Hindi in the territory of Pakistan. Hindi was also taught in the famous colleges of Pakistan today. These colleges include the names of FC College, Dyal Singh College, etc., where the Hindi department used to be. Apart from this, many organizations also used Hindi a lot and Hindi was also very popular among the people.

However, when Pakistan was divided on the basis of religion, Hindi’s influence here steadily decreased. With the separation of Pakistan, Hindi came to be considered as the language of Hindus. Hindi publications were closed and teaching of Hindi in schools and colleges was stopped. The reason for this was that at that time Hindi was being considered as the language of the enemy. Even Muhammad Ali Jinnah had said that ‘Urdu and only Urdu’. He also emphasized on this. Along with this, during the partition also it was emphasized, ‘One Allah, one Quran, one race and one tongue.’

What is the situation now?

If we talk about the present situation of Pakistan regarding Hindi, then it is not as of now that Hindi does not exist there at all. Right now the influence of Hindi in the form of writing or literature in Pakistan has reduced considerably, but Hindi is still alive in common parlance. Due to the popularity of Indian films, TV serials in Pakistan, people are associated with Hindi. Hindi songs are also very popular in Pakistan. Apart from this, now Pakistanis use a lot of words like dispute, unbroken, discussion, wife, blessing, peace, trust in their language.

However, now many people are wanting to study Hindi and due to following Hindi media, Hindi is in constant discussion. At present, Hindi is being taught in two universities in Pakistan and Hindi is being taught in Pakistan from diploma course to PhD. The trend of Hindi as a writing in Pakistan is quite over. But knowledge of Hindi language will not be found far and wide in Pakistan, but many who read translated Hindi and literary books and monthly magazines of other languages ​​of India will be found.

According to the BBC report, Hindi novels, short-stories, poems and autobiography are translated into Urdu language in Pakistan. Indian writers and litterateurs Nirmal Verma, Uday Prakash, Premchand, Ramesh Bakshi, Kamleshwar and Geetanjalishree are very popular. It has been said in many reports that a large section in Pakistan speaks, understands Hindi, but understands very little of the Devanagari script.

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