Haram of Mughals: The land under your feet will slip after hearing the salary and rights of the slaves

Mughal Empire Babar started the harem about which hundreds of stories were written in history, but Akbar did the work of making it grand. Mughal emperor Akbar At that time there were more than 5 thousand women in the harem. In which queens, concubines, slaves and women workers were included. Haram means holy place in Arabic language. Only the emperor was allowed to enter the harem of the Mughals, which is why it has been the most interesting subject for historians.

Writing Prannath Chopra writes in his book ‘Some Aspect of Social Life During the Mughal Age’ that women of different religions and cultures lived in the harem. Who used to take care of every need of the emperor and his family. The condition was that she would remain in the curtains. Due to living in the screen, there were many slaves whose whole life had passed, but they could not see the emperor with a full eye.

Everyone’s place and responsibilities were fixed

The harem of the Mughals was divided into several parts. That is, the place of residence of the queens and the place of maids and concubines were fixed separately. Not only this, separate rooms were arranged for the women who were special to the emperor and whom he disliked. Every woman living in a harem had her own set of responsibilities. Grooming the garden, arranging bright curtains, taking care of the fountains, preventing Shama from being extinguished…all such tasks were part of his responsibility.

Women were brought from abroad for security

Since no man other than the emperor was allowed to enter the harem, the work of internal security was also handled by women. For this, women of strong stature were called from outside India. They used to be such women who did not know the Indian language and did not take any interest in meeting or talking to anyone. That’s why they were deployed.

More than the salary used to get paid

It was not easy for the king of any other sultanate to keep the harem organized like the Mughals. His biggest reason was money. The wages of the women kept in the harem on a large scale required a great deal of wealth. In that era, a woman posted in a high position used to get 1600 rupees for a month, this was the period when 1 Tola of gold used to come in only 10 rupees. The inspector who supervised the women was paid enough to buy a kilogram of gold every month. It is said that during that period, the entire month’s expenses could go on comfortably in 5 rupees.

The condition of entry into the harem and that shocking right

Seeing the attractive salary and the lure of tribute, many women tried to be part of the harem, but their entry was not so easy. The biggest condition of the Mughals was to take care of honesty and curtain. That is, neither any woman of the harem will go out nor will any of her own will come inside.

The women of the harem had a different status. He had the right to stop anyone except the emperor at the dehri. She had every right to get punished for snooping on any man. No matter how serious and secret the royal decree was, the one who brought it had to stop at the door. Inside the harem, only the maids used to carry the decree to the queen or emperor.

Historians say, in those days the women of the harem used to get adequate salaries. If he made the queen or emperor happy with his work, then jewelry, ashrafi and many valuable things were available as tribute. There were many women who used to get more money than salary.

Harams were built in many cities

Haram existed from Mughal emperor Babur to Bahadur Shah Zafar. But its true form is seen from the time of Akbar. At the time of Jahangir, this system was at its peak and during the time of Aurangzeb i.e. the decline of the Mughal rule, the existence of the harem started to end. After that the harem had become a haven for the Rangers. During the Mughal period, many cities had harems. The main royal harems were in Agra, Delhi, Fatehpur Sikri and Lahore, where the emperor spent most of his time. Apart from this, there were harems in other cities as well.

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