Gyanvapi Case: Know what happened in this case from 1991 till now? What are the claims of Hindu and Muslim sides

The important decision of the court has come today on the Gyanvapi Masjid dispute of Varanasi. The court has now agreed to hear the arguments of the Hindu side. In fact, the District Judge of Varanasi, A.K. Of. Whether the trial going on in Vishvesh’s court is worth hearing or not. The decision has come on this. The court had reserved the order in this case. Now it is clear whether Gyanvapi’s case is maintainable or not.

In this long-running case, it is interesting to know what has happened in this case so far and how the matter has progressed. Now based on today’s decision, this matter can go further. So know the complete timeline of this case and some special things related to this case…

What is the latest update?

Today the court will decide whether this matter is worth hearing or not. Let us tell you that on August 24, the arguments of all the parties were completed and then the decision was reserved till September 12. The hearing on this matter went on for more than 3 months. The Hindu and Muslim sides are rejecting each other’s claims and the Hindu side has presented many evidences. Earlier, the district court had issued the order for the survey and the mosque committee had gone to the Supreme Court against the survey. However, the Supreme Court ordered the district court to hear the matter.

What is the story of this Gyanvapi mosque?

It is said that the mosque was built by Aurangzeb. It is believed that before the mosque there used to be a temple here. The temple was demolished by the Mughal ruler Aurangzeb and Aurangzeb built a mosque in 1699 by demolishing the Kashi Vishwanath temple. Here it is claimed to be the self-styled Jyotirlinga of Lord Vishweshwar. By the way, this matter is not from today but from the year 1991. At that time Somnath Vyas, Ramrang Sharma, Harihar Pandey had filed a petition. It was said that the remains of the temple were used in the mosque.

What are the claims of both the parties?

The Hindu side claims that the mosque was built after demolishing the temple and the Gyanvapi complex should be handed over to the Hindus. The Hindu side says that the Warship Act of 1991 does not apply and it is being said that Shivling is being found in the food of Vaju. At the same time, there is a demand that the entry of Muslims in Gyanvapi should be stopped and there should be an order to demolish the dome of the mosque. At the same time, the Muslim side says that the claim of the Hindu side is absolutely baseless and the Gyanvapi case is not maintainable. At the same time, it is said about Shivling that there is no ‘Shivling’ fountain in Gyanvapi.

When what happened?

Now do you know what happened in this case?

  1. 1991- Permission for worship was sought after filing a lawsuit for the first time.
  2. 1993- Allahabad High Court ordered to maintain status quo.
  3. 2018- The Supreme Court told the validity of the stay order to be 6 months.
  4. 2019- Hearing on the matter started again in Varanasi Court.
  5. 2021- Fast track court approves archaeological survey of Gyanvapi.
  6. April 2022- Order of survey and videography of Gyanvapi.
  7. May 2022- Claim of getting Shivling during survey in Gyanvapi.
  8. July 2022- Supreme Court said- wait for the decision of the district court.

What is in the Court Commissioner’s Report?

On the other hand, in the report of the court commissioner, there is a mention of Shivling in Gyanvapi. It has also been said that the round stone in the well is two and a half feet in height. There is a bell inside the mosque, there is a trident on the wall. At the same time, elephant trunks have been found, there are swastika signs on the western wall and bells on the pillars.

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