Giloy increases immunity but it is not safe for everyone, what did the doctors of Mumbai find in the research?

Giloy has been called nectar in Ayurveda. It contains many nutrients including calcium, iron and increases the ability to fight against diseases. Most people take it without expert advice. The recent research done on Giloy is going to alert such people. Research by Indian researchers says, Giloy increases immunity ie the ability to fight diseases, but in some cases it is not safe for humans. Know what the experts of Mumbai said in their research…

Last year, some of Giloy came to the fore which caused controversy. Researchers from Mumbai had done a research. It was said in the research that liver failure occurred in 6 people after using Giloy (Tinospora cordifolia). Ayurveda experts had raised questions on that research and said that the patients may have used some herb which looks exactly like Giloy. The same researchers from Mumbai have now done research on Giloy.

Those patients were treated at Jaslok Hospital in Mumbai. Dr. Abha Nagral, who treated the same patients, has done this research. Dr. Abha says, the condition of liver toxicity was created in those patients which is a problem related to the immune system. This is an autoimmune problem. Giloy has the power to increase immunity, due to which such a condition developed in the patient. Dr. Abha’s research has also been published in the Journal of Clinical and Experimental Hepatology.

medicine can also harm

Research has revealed that using Giloy increases the level of immune markers in the blood. In this way his ability to fight against diseases also increases. For this reason, the problem of autoimmune hepatitis emerges in him. Such cases especially come to the fore in those patients who are suffering from the problem of diabetes and hypothyroidism. The condition of the thyroid gland not being able to release sufficient amount of thyroid hormone is called hypothyroidism.

In a TOI report, Dr. Abha says, medicines have their own side effects. There is also a risk of liver toxicity from these. Information about their side effects is given along with medicines. The same should be true of herbal medicines. People generally believe that all herbs are beneficial, this belief is not correct.

Liver patients used a lot

The six patients on whom research was done had used Giloy a lot to increase immunity during the Corona period. Four patients drank juice extracted from the Giloy plant. Whereas 2 had used Giloy products available in the market.

However, Dr. Govind Khati, former Dean of Poddar Ayurveda Hospital and Director of the Department of AYUSH, says that Giloy has the ability to give life. Even if a small piece of its plant falls, a new plant grows from it. In Ayurveda it is called nectar.

In February this year, before the research report of researchers from Mumbai came, the Ministry of AYUSH had rejected the claim of liver damage due to the use of Giloy.

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