Gaslighting became the word of the year… what does it mean and why is it wrong to do so?

The world’s renowned publisher ‘Meriam Webster’ has announced the word for the year 2022. this word gaslighting (Gaslighting) has been declared as the word of the year. In recent years this word has been used a lot. During the year 2022, the number of words on Merriam Webster’s website has increased by 1740 percent as compared to last year.

Peter Sokolowski, editor of Merriam-Webster, said in an interview with The Associated Press before Monday’s disclosure that the use of the word in the English language has increased rapidly, especially in the last four years. It really surprised me and many of us.

What is the meaning of gaslighting?

Gaslighting refers to playing with someone on a psychological level for a long period of time, so that the victim begins to doubt the validity of their own thoughts and true sense of self. This results in confusion, loss of self-confidence and self-esteem. In this situation, the victim becomes dependent on the perpetrator.

Gaslighting is a disgusting tool used by abusers who are in a relationship with someone. Apart from this, it is used by politicians and other people. Gaslighting can also be a corporate ploy to mislead the public.

understand in simple language

Gaslighting is psychologically cheating on someone. Psychological gaslighting is the questioning of reality while manipulating or dominating a person. Talking to someone in a psychological way, questioning his existence, his truth, his decisions or his memories comes under the ambit of gaslighting.

Psychologists tell that it is wrong to do this to someone.

It has been seen many times in a relationship that a person behaves like this with his partner. Gaslighting is an emotional abuse. This kind of behavior in love or in married life completely breaks the person in front of you. He feels himself mentally tortured.

This word came into existence in 1938

This word came into existence only in 1938, 80 years ago through gas light. Gas Light is a play written by Patrick Hamilton. Two films were made on this play in the 1940s.

top 5 words of the year

  1. Alegarch: A term derived from the Russian invasion of Ukraine. It means high noble. It is also used for the officer of authoritarian regime.
  2. Omicron: is a variant of the corona virus. This letter comes in the Greek alphabet. Alpha, Beta, Gamma etc. are part of this alphabet. Areas in Greater Noida are also named on this basis.
  3. Codify: Converting abortion rights into federal law.
  4. Queen Consort: Camilla, wife of Maharaja Charles, is known by this name.
  5. Raid: There was a lot of discussion about the search in former President Donald Trump’s house in Mar-a-Lago.

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