From Norway Connection of Nobel Prize to Prize Money, Know Everything

The Nobel Prizes were announced on Monday in Stockholm, Sweden. The Nobel Prize was announced to Sweden’s Svante Pabo, who worked in the field of medicine. This award has been given to him for the discovery related to the genome. For the next 6 days, the names of the people who have achieved achievements in different fields will be announced. According to the report of news agency AP, after medicine, now the Nobel winner of physics, chemistry, literature and then economics will be announced.

Know, when was the Nobel Prize started, who did it, how much prize money is given to the winner and what is its connection with Norway? Know the answers to these questions…

Who was Sir Alfred Nobel?

The Nobel Prizes were instituted on the basis of the will of the inventor of dynamite and Swedish industrialist Sir Alfred Nobel. Born on October 21, 1833, Sir Alfred Nobel belonged to a business family. After the bankruptcy of his father, Emanuel Nobel, at the age of 9, Alfred moved to St. Petersburg with his mother, Andrieta Ehlsel, to live with his maternal grandfather. While studying chemistry here, he learned Swedish, Russian, English, French and German languages. Although industrialist Alfred Nobel had 355 patents to his name, he was most recognized as the inventor of dynamite.

This is how the Nobel Prize started?

During his lifetime, he opened 90 factories of dynamite. At that time he was called ‘Europe’s richest vagabond’. There came a time when the misuse of dynamite started increasing, due to which many people were harmed. Seeing his grief, he took steps in the interest of humanity. He expressed his desire to give a reward out of the property in his will. On 29 June 1901, 4 years after his death in 1896, the Nobel Foundation was established for the distribution of the prize.

How much prize money does the winner get?

It started with the Nobel Peace Prize in 1991. The Nobel Foundation team decides the name for the selection of who will get the prize, but the final decision is made by the King of Sweden’s Council. The Nobel Laureate is given a gold medal, a certificate and a prize money of nine lakh dollars i.e. 7 crore 36 lakh rupees. The winners are announced in October, but the prize distribution takes place on 10 December each year. This is the date when Alfred Nobel died. From 1901 to 2021, 609 Nobel Prizes have been given in different fields.

Who can be nominated for the Nobel?

Anyone can submit a nomination for the category in which the Nobel Prize is awarded. These include university professors, lawmakers, former Nobel laureates and members of the Nobel Committee itself. According to a report, the nomination is kept secret for the next 50 years. However, those who submit it can make their name public.

What qualifications are required to win the Nobel Prize?

Patience is the most important thing among those who want to win the Nobel Prize. Scientists often have to wait decades for their work to be recognized by members of the Nobel Prize committee, who want to ensure that any discovery or breakthrough stands the test of time. The Peace Prize Committee is the only committee that regularly awards winners based on their achievements in the previous year.

What connection does the prize have to Norway?

The Nobel Peace Prize is awarded in Norway, while other prizes from different fields are given in Sweden. This is done in accordance with the wishes of Sir Alfred Nobel because they were once part of a federation of Sweden and Norway which dissolved in 1905. However, relations between Stockholm’s Nobel Foundation and Oslo’s peace prize committee have been strained on several occasions. Many examples of this have also come to the fore.

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