From children’s balloons to the tires of the biggest vehicles… this was the journey of brand MRF

From children’s balloons to the tires of the biggest vehicles… this was the journey of brand MRF

MRF Company You must have heard the name of You must have seen the tires of this company! to Sachin MRF You must have seen the sticker of Ka while batting with the bat! But do you know the full form of MRF? Most people would not know! The full form of MRF is- Madras Rubber Factory. Today it is a big name in the tire industry. MRF’s slogan is tires with muscles. From cycles to trucks and other big vehicles, tires of this company can be seen fitted.

KM Mammen Mappillai, the owner of MRF, one of the largest tire companies in the country, established the company in the industry on the basis of dedication and hard work. There was a time when Mappillai who started this company used to sell balloons in bags on the streets. In 1967, the company became the first company in India to export tires to the USA.

Today it is a big name in the tire industry. Apart from tyres, MRF company also manufactures many other products like treads, tubes, paints, belts and toys. So let’s know the complete success story of MRF in today’s brand story.

Sold balloons for 6 years

KM Mammen Mappillai was born in a Syrian Christian family in Kerala. He had 8 siblings. Mammen’s father was a freedom fighter. He was arrested during a freedom struggle. Mammen was pursuing graduation at that time. Due to his father being in jail, all the responsibilities of the house fell on him. After this he started selling balloons on the streets. After doing the balloon business for about 6 years, he decided to start the rubber business.

Started rubber business again

In 1946, Mammen started the rubber business. At that time Mammen was only 24 years old. Then he also used to make children’s toys in a room. Then he opened his first office in Cheeta Street, Madras. Gradually Mammen started selling rubber products. By the year 1956, his company had become a big name in the rubber business. After rubber products, he tried his hand at tire industry. In the year 1960, he formed a private limited company of rubber and tyres.

Deal with American company to make tires

After forming a private limited company, Mapampillai entered into an agreement with Mansfield Tire and Rubber Company of America to manufacture tyres. In this way, in 1967, MRF became the first company to export to America. The next big achievement of the company was that it launched the first nylon tire in the country in 1973. By 1979, the company’s name had spread abroad, but in the same year the American company Mansfield sold its stake in MRF. After this the name of the company became MRF Limited.

Number one position in tire industry

After this, Mappillai took the company to a new level by tying up with many big and small companies. But alas, Mappillai passed away in the year 2003 at the age of 80. However, by then Mappillai had made the company number one in the tire sector. After Mappillai’s death, his sons took over the business and the company continued to grow.

flags of success

MRF invested heavily in motorsport. Such as MRF Racing Formula 1 and Formula Cars, Formula Maruti Facing, MRF Challenge, MRF Rally Team, MRF Motocross, MRF Karting and Cricket. India’s best selling car Maruti 800 also used MRF tyres. Most of its manufacturing units are located in Kerala, Puducherry, Goa, Chennai and Tamil Nadu. Its share price is the highest in India. It is the courage of Mammen and the ability of his sons that today MRF has become a company of 34 thousand crores.

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