Even after a heart attack, the human heart can be as active as before! Trial successful on rats, claim – will work on humans too

Heart attack in recent years (Heart Attack) cases have increased. There can be many reasons for this. Especially during the corona pandemic (Corona EraYou must have seen-heard-read that heart attack has been a major reason behind the loss of many lives. It is not that someone dies due to heart attack for the first time, but death in subsequent heart attack (Death) is likely to occur. Cells die after a heart attack. But can these cells recover again? For this, a research has been done at the University of California, USA, in which information about great work has come to the fore. It has been claimed that the cells killed by a heart attack can become active again.

Researchers claim that even after a heart attack, the human heart can be as healthy as before. The University of California has recently done a research, in which it has been claimed. It has been revealed in research that the cells that are dead due to heart attack can be revived through hormones. According to the researchers, the special thing is that this process will be absolutely natural.

Trial successful on rats, rest on humans

Researchers say that dead cells can be activated again as before, which will be natural. It will also prove to be very beneficial in the case of gene therapy procedures. According to reports, this trial has been done on rats and it is being claimed that it will work in the case of humans as well. However, it is yet to be tested on humans. If the trial on humans is successful then it will be possible to save people who have suffered a heart attack. People with heart attack will also be able to live a long life.

After all how does this work?

In the trial done on rats, a synthetic messenger ribonucleic acid has been used. Actually, in this technique, mRNA produces a blueprint of DNA. The body uses it to make proteins where proteins build and control our cells.

The purpose of the scientist to do this is to change the mRNA and give different instructions for different biological processes. According to the researchers, these messages are generated in two ways. First- through Stemin and second through YAP5SA. Actually, these are both hormones, which activate the cardiomyocytes of the heart muscle. With this, those cells of the heart can be revived, which have been dead.

Scientists want dead cells in the form of new cells and they hope that this trial will be successful on humans too.

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