Draupadi Murmu Profile: Know who is NDA’s presidential candidate Draupadi Murmu, BJP hit two targets with one arrow

The Presidential candidate was announced in the Parliamentary Board meeting held at the BJP headquarters on Tuesday. Draupadi Murmu (Draupadi MurmuNDA’s presidency will be (Presidential Election 2022) candidate. Draupadi Murmu’s name was stamped in the presence of PM Modi. Draupadi Murmu has been the ninth Governor of Jharkhand and MLA from Rairangpur in Odisha. She is the first woman leader of Odisha who was made the governor.Born on June 20, 1958 in Odisha Draupadi Murmu In the Bharatiya Janata Party and Biju Janata Dal coalition government in Odisha, she was Minister of State for Commerce and Transport from 2000-2002 and Minister of State for Fisheries and Animal Resource Development from August 6, 2002 to May.

Something like this is the plan of BJP

BJP has tried to hit two targets with one arrow by making Draupadi Murmu its presidential candidate. First, the BJP is now focusing on the tribals. This is because assembly elections are due in Gujarat, Madhya Pradesh and Chhattisgarh.

Second, these three are the states where the population of tribals is high. By giving a chance to a tribal, the BJP has targeted two targets. In such a situation, 4-year-old Draupadi can also help the party in attracting women voters.

If she becomes president, many records will be made.

If Draupadi Murmu becomes the President then many records will be made. For example, that country will be the first tribal president. Odisha will also be the first and the country’s second woman President. Not only this, Draupadi Murmu is the first Governor of Jharkhand to complete a five-year term (2015-2021) since its formation in the year 2000.

life is full of struggles

born in a tribal family Draupadi Murmu’s life has been full of struggle. He completed his studies while battling poverty and living in a backward area. Draupadi Murmu did her BA from Ramadevi Women’s College, Bhubaneswar. Husband himself. After the death of Shyam Charan Murmu, he raised daughter Itishree Murmu and also took up a political career.

Draupadi Murmu learned from her troubled life and decided that more and more people should be educated. That’s why he started teaching at Sri Aurobindo Integral Education Center in Rairangpur, that too without pay.

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