Diya Kumari, who claimed the Taj Mahal, was in discussion due to a dispute with former CM Vasundhara Raje, sometimes said to be a descendant of Shri Ram.

Taj Mahal controversyTaj Mahal ControversyA new twist has come. The Royal Family of Jaipur has declared the Taj Mahal as their property. Royal Family Princess and BJP MP Diya Kumari (BJP MP Diya Kumari) claims that the Taj Mahal (Taj Mahal) is built on our family palace. We have many such documents which confirm that the Taj Mahal was earlier a palace of the former royal family of Jaipur. Which was later captured by Shah Jahan. Due to the Mughal government, the royal family could not oppose it. I would not say that the Taj Mahal should be demolished, but its rooms should be opened. After this statement of Diya Kumari, the scope of the Taj Mahal controversy has increased further.

Who is Princess Diya Kumari of the Royal Family, how has been her life’s journey and how much truth is there in her claim, know the answers to these questions in 4 points

  1. Diya Kumari is the daughter of Maharaja Sawai Singh and Maharani Padmini Devi of the Royal Family of Jaipur. In the year 2013, she became an MLA from the Sawai Madhopur assembly seat of Rajasthan. In 2019, she contested the Lok Sabha elections and became a BJP MP from Rajsamand. Despite the opposition of the royal family, she did love marriage with Narendra Singh, who belonged to a normal family. It was discussed all over Rajasthan. Even more discussed was their divorce.
  2. They have one son and two daughters. After spending 24 years with her husband, both of them got divorced with mutual consent in 2019. Diya Kumari was in discussion about many matters. Diya Kumari, who claimed the land of the Taj Mahal, had come into the limelight three years ago when the hearing of the Ayodhya’s Shri Ram Janmabhoomi case was going on in the Supreme Court. During that time he had described himself as a descendant of Lord Shri Ram. It was said that his grandfather Late Bhavani Singh was the 307th descendant of Lord Shri Ram. To prove this, he had also made his entire genealogy public.
  3. Vasundhara Raje’s government was in Rajasthan between 2013-2018. Diya Kumari was a BJP MLA in this government. During the tenure of Vasundhara Raje, there was never a relationship between him and Diya Kumari. Vasundhara Raje closed all the three gates of the royal family’s Hotel Raj Palace in her government and got it locked. Angered by the incident, Rajput society also raised slogans against Vasundhara Raje. After this incident, the dispute between the two increased further.
  4. Diya Kumari says that we have the documents of what we have claimed regarding the land of Taj Mahal. If they are needed or the court orders them to be produced, then we will give the documents. Since we have documents, one thing is clear that Shah Jahan had occupied the land of Taj Mahal.