Despair, suffocation and pain… the story of Muhammad Ali Jinnah’s last 60 days battling illness

14 July 1948, this was the date when Mohammad Ali Jinnah Quetta, the father of the nation, who was battling TB disease, was taken to Ziarat. Here he lived for 60 days. He died on 11 September 1948. Ziarat is famous for its pine trees. It is said that Sant Kharwari Baba used to live here, due to which this place was called Ziyarat. Jinnah’s sister has mentioned this in the book My Brother.

She writes that even in that phase of illness, she is not getting relief. The government and non-governmental organizations were sending him invitations to attend meetings and give speeches. So he was taken from Quetta to Ziarat. The decision to do so was also his own.

did not pay attention to treatment

According to the BBC report, despite the illness, Jinnah did not pay attention to getting treatment from any doctor. When his sister said, Dr. Riyaz Ali Shah has come to Ziyarat these days, you should get him treated, to which Jinnah replied – No, I do not have any serious illness. Just upset stomach. I will be healthy again soon.

Fatima writes, he always avoided the advice of doctors. Didn’t pay that attention. As a result, the disease started showing its effect again. However, on July 21, he admitted that there was a need to see a doctor. A message was sent to the well-known Dr. Col Elahi Baksh of Lahore through Private Secretary Farooq Amin.

When TB is confirmed

On 23 July, Dr Baksh reached Ziarat. According to Fatima, when he talked to the doctor, he said – he is absolutely fine, as soon as the stomach becomes normal, he will be like before. When the doctor started the investigation, it came to know that the stomach is completely fine. The condition of chest and lungs is not good.

On the advice of the doctor, the civil surgeon and pathologist reached there the next day. Tested and TB was confirmed.

So that Hindus don’t wait for death

The shocking thing was that when Jinnah was informed about TB, he said, Yes, I have known about it for 12 years. I never disclosed my illness so that Hindus would not wait for my death.

An article was published in Pakistan Times Lahore on 17 October 1979 in which many things were mentioned by quoting Humayun Khan, son of Dr. It was written in the article that after the introduction of medicines, its effect on Jinnah was visible. One day my father was waiting to give him medicine as a meeting was going on inside the room. The meeting was secret. After the meeting, when Prime Minister Liaquat Ali Khan came out and wanted to give medicine, Jinnah’s face was filled with indifference. He refused to accompany the doctor.

Eid was about to approach, so on August 3, Dr. Baksh sought permission to visit Lahore. He had reached Lahore when he was asked to come back. On 6 August he came back to Ziarat. Jinnah had become very weak and BP had dropped. On 9 August the doctors advised that he should be taken back to Quetta, but he did not want to go before 15 August as the date of Independence Day which had been fixed as 14 August. On 13 August she agreed to go to Quetta.

Later came back to Ziyarat. On 10 September 1948, Dr. Baksh told Sister Fatima that Jinnah had no hope of survival, he was only a guest for a few days.

When the petrol in the ambulance ran out

On 11 September 1948, Jinnah was having a strange act in his hands. A plane was called to take him from Quetta to Karachi. He remained restless during the whole journey. Oxygen was being given repeatedly. An ambulance was called to take her from the airport to the hospital, but after covering a distance of 4 miles, the petrol ran out.

It was very hot in the ambulance. It became difficult to breathe. Hundreds of flies were hovering over the face. He was not able to muster enough courage to sit or lie down in the car. Somehow he was taken to the General House. There he remained alive for only 4 hours. The situation was almost unconscious. On regaining consciousness, he said – I will not be alive anymore. His last words were- Allah…Pakistan.
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