Dalda is now visible again… Know how Dada became Dalda, which was also quite famous in Pakistan

Once again there is a discussion about Dalda. It is being told that Dalda has once again entered the market. It has been mentioned in many business reports that Dalda is going to come in the market with a new avatar. After much discussion about the disadvantages of vanaspati ghee, brands of vanaspati ghee like Dalda were shelved. Dalda may have been a part of your house at one time, but now it has disappeared from the market.

In such a situation, today we will talk about the brand story of Dalda, how Dalda emerged in India and became a part of every household. After this, how did it get out of every house from the market. So know every single thing related to Dalda…

How was Dalda started in India?

Let us tell you that in the year 1930, not a company from India but a company from Netherlands started its business. At that time the name of this brand used to be Dada and this vegetable ghee became a cheaper alternative to ghee in India. At that time it was known as Hydrogenated Vegetable Oil and it was only Dutch traders who brought it to India. Between 1920-1937, the Hindustan Vegetable Manufacturing Company (today’s Hindustan Unilever) set up its factory in Sewri. Then Hindustan Unilever started selling it and at that time the name of Dada was used.

At the same time, it is said that at that time in India, a person named Kasim Dada used to import vegetable ghee from a Dutch company before the 1930s as a cheap alternative to desi ghee or clarified butter. They also used to sell this vegetable ghee under the name Dada. At this time Dalda monopolized the market and Hindustan Vanaspati’s ‘Dalda’ became so famous that the main style of hydrogenated vegetable oil came to be commonly known as ‘Vanaspati Ghee’. But later there were allegations of adulteration on it. It was also opposed due to the health effect of vegetable ghee.

After this its sales started declining after 2000 and in 2003 Bunge Limited acquired the Dalda brand from Hindustan Unilever Limited for reportedly less than Rs 100 crore. At the same time, Dalda was sold in Pakistan. Let us tell you that Dalda used to be as popular as Pakistan as well as India.

How was the name named?

Earlier it was known as Dada or Dada. Then Unilever thought of adding L or L to it to give it a different identity. So he made it Dalda by adding the word L to its name. After this, in 1937, Unilever introduced Dalda in India.

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