Controversy on Akshay Kumar’s Thank God… Know why people do not want to let it release now?

Wrong remarks about Hindu gods and goddesses, another film is being opposed in the name of hurting religious sentiments. Recently, many films had to face opposition for hurting religious sentiments and now Bollywood actor Akshay Kumar’s film has also been included in this list. The name of the film is ‘Thank God’, on which a section has raised objections. Now there is a demand to ban the film and many cases have also been registered regarding the film.

In such a situation, we know what is this matter and why a section is opposing the film. Also, we will tell you which scenes of the film are being disputed. So know that there are many special things about the protest on the film…

What is update?

According to the latest update, some scenes in the film have been objected by Hinduist organizations. The Kayastha Mahasabha has raised objections to the scenes filmed in the film about Lord Chitragupta and demanded a ban on the film. Vishwas Sarang, National Vice President of All India Kayastha Samaj and Cabinet Minister, has also written a letter to Union Minister Anurag Thakur, demanding action. It is being told that Congress also has support in this demand.

What was shown in the film?

You must have known that after all, who is opposing this film of Akshay Kumar. Now let us tell you what has been shown in the film that people are opposing it. Although the film is yet to be released on October 24, but the trailer of the film has created a ruckus. Let us tell you that the trailer of the film was released on 9 September. People also liked the trailer a lot.

In the trailer of the film, Chitragupta was shown laughing and joking in a modern avatar, which people do not like and people believe that it may hurt religious sentiments. Along with this, objection has also been filed regarding the dress of the film Chitragupta.

What is being opposed?

Now those complaining against the film and those opposing it say that Chitragupta keeps an account of the good and bad deeds of every human being and is considered to be the God of Karma. In such a situation, such depiction of Gods is not correct and it can hurt religious sentiments. At the same time, people have raised objections that it is not right to show Chitragupt in a suit and the kind of language Akshay Kumar is speaking in the character of Chitragupta is also wrong. movie trailers

Please tell that Lord Chitragupta is considered to be the deity of the Kayastha society. In such a situation, people of this class are not finding this thing right and they have complained about it from court to government offices. He says that we will never tolerate the mockery of Chitragupta and Lord Yama of Hinduism in the name of freedom of expression.

Also banned in Kuwait

According to reports, while the release and trailer of the film are being opposed in India, the film is not being allowed to be released in Kuwait as well. It is being told that the censor board there has not given permission for the release of the film.

What is the story of the film?

In the film Thank God, Siddharth Malhotra is playing the character of a common man who meets Chitragupta after an accident. According to Indian mythology, Chitragupta is a Hindu deity who records the good and bad deeds of human beings. Ajay Devgan is shown as Modern Chitragupta in the film, while it is a social comedy film.

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