Coloring Hindi in the world: People of other language, culture are also doing dance and parody on Bollywood songs

The dominance of Hindi is increasing continuously. While people are now learning Hindi in the world, Hindi is also being used for entertainment all over the world. Yes, Hindi is being used abroad not only for knowing Indian culture, but also for entertainment. There are many such people in different countries outside India, who are making videos on Hindi songs, dialogues of Hindi films. The special thing is that these videos are also being liked a lot.

In such a situation, we know how Hindi is expanding through mimicry, dance videos. The growing trend of Hindi videos abroad shows how people are liking Hindi even outside India. In such a situation, today we tell you through some examples how Hindi is being liked by people from outside.

By the way, if you see foreigners dancing to Indian songs on the Internet, you will find many videos. The special thing is that the popularity of these videos is very high. Like if you see on Instagram that one Kylie Paul and Nima Paul There are users named, who share a lot of videos on Hindi songs and dialogues, which have millions of views. You can see how Hindi is growing in the video below.

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# There are some such children, who are often seen dancing on Hindi songs, they are known as masaka kids africana. By the way, this is a Ugandan based organization, which works for children.

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# Hindi is becoming popular even among foreign cricketers. There are many cricketers who often share their videos while speaking Hindi or on Hindi songs. Like David Warner, Kevin Pietersen etc. keep sharing videos. They tweet related to Hindi or share their videos on social media.

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# A similar group named Quick Style also shares a lot of videos, which are only on Hindi songs. Their videos are shared a lot.

# Recently some Japanese girls danced on Ghoomar, which became quite famous. This shows that the influence of Hindi is increasing in countries like Japan too.

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