China did amazing again… made a solar semi-satellite drone, which will go up to 100 KM

China has designed a special semi-satellite drone powered by solar power. Now China has also successfully conducted a test of it, after which this special type of drone is in discussion. This particular drone recently took a flight and this solar powered drone remained in the air for 26 minutes and made a safe landing at the right place. This special type of drone can work as a semi-satellite and can fly to a great height.

Now the question is what is special about this drone and how does it work. Apart from this, we will also know how this can be an important step in the satellite world. So know every single thing related to this semi satellite…

How is this semi satellite drone?

So far the name of this semi satellite drone has not been decided, but it is being told that its name can be Qimingxing-50 or Morning Star-50. The wings of this drone are 164 feet long and this entire machine runs through solar panels only. If we talk about its height, then it can fly more than 20 kilometers.

At the same time, the maximum height can be up to 100 feet. Due to such a high height, it can be easily used as a semi satellite. It is being told that if there is no cloud, then it can work for a long time. Even this can be made to work not only for a few months continuously, but for a few years. Due to its special ability to work continuously for many years, China is seeing it as a special power.

Let us tell you that this is an unmanned aerial vehicle, which is known as UAV. It can be used in many extreme situations. The help of these drones can be taken for long views etc. If it is used for surveillance then it can also keep an eye across the ocean and due to its special feature of working continuously for a long time, it becomes very special.

America has also worked on this technology

Apart from China, America is also working on this. The US had previously designed one such drone, which was named Airbus Zephyr S and it remained in the air for 42 days continuously. Now this drone of China can be heavy on that drone too.

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