Boroline comes to mind as soon as winter comes… Participated in Swadeshi movement, this is the success story

As soon as winter comes, our skin starts getting dry. Lips, heels etc. start cracking and in such a situation we miss antiseptic cream. One such cream is – Boroline. This cream, which belongs to the category of beauty product, has also been useful in cuts and burns. Do you know that the age of this cream is more than 93 years. It was decided to make this cream in 1929, by Gaur Mohan Dutt of Calcutta.

Boroline is manufactured by GD Pharmaceuticals. This cream was not named Boroline without any reason. It is made up of two words. Boro and Olin. Boro came from boric powder and olein from the Latin word oleum. It means oil. Read the story of this Boroline in today’s Brand Story.

part of the Swadeshi movement

Gaur Mohan Dutt used to order foreign goods. When the Swadeshi movement started in the country, he decided to join it. He decided to make a product that would compete with foreign products. His thinking also had to face opposition from the people. He did not lose courage. Started making indigenous products competing with foreign products in his home. Boroline was one of them. Antiseptic cream that comes in a green colored tube. In 1929, he launched Boroline.

Opar Kar Diya Cream Formula

The special thing about the company was that they never kept the formula for making Boroline hidden. All the companies keep their formula hidden, while GD Pharmaceuticals made it public. Antiseptic boric acid, zinc oxide and anhydrous lanolin are used in this cream. There was no means of advertising in those days. Nevertheless, Boroline became very popular among the people and within a few years it became the favorite cream of the country.

Packaging changed in World War II

The popularity of Boroline was increasing. Meanwhile the Second World War started. When there was a shortage of goods during the war, Boroline started being packed in available containers. Seeing the changed packaging, the product should not be confused about being fake and to maintain the trust of the customers, a message was being printed in this packet.

Due to war emergency the original packing has been changed, the quantity and quality of the contents remain unchanged.

When the country became independent on 15 August 1947, there was an atmosphere of celebration everywhere. In this happiness, GD Pharmaceuticals distributed more than one lakh Boroline tubes free of cost among the general public by giving proper advertisements in newspapers.

no compromise on quality

GD Pharmaceuticals manufactured only one product for decades – Boroline. In the 90s, the company launched Aileen hair oil and then in 2003, an antiseptic liquid named Suthol. In today’s time, the company sells many products including Boroline Creams, BO Lips, BO Body, Hand Wash, Hand Sanitizer. The company has two manufacturing units in India. The company claims that they have never compromised on quality.

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