AzadiSAT: ISRO will launch special satellite on 75th year of independence, 750 girl students have prepared .. know what is special

It has been 75 years since India’s independence and the whole country is celebrating the nectar festival of independence. In the Amrit Festival of Independence, we are praising the record made by India and many historic steps are also being taken on this occasion. In this sequence, now preparations are being made by ISRO to write history in the sky. Actually, ISRO SSLV AzadiSAT is going to launch satellite through The special thing about this satellite is that 750 girl students have made this satellite.

In such a situation, let us know what is special about this mission being done on the occasion of 75 years of independence and how this mission is going to be special. Also know how this mission will praise India in space…

What will be special in this mission?

Let us tell you that ISRO is going to launch 75 payloads in this mission, which have been made by 750 girl students of different schools and colleges. Payloads named as AzadiSat will be sent via SSLV. 75 payloads means this satellite will have many accessories like 75 Femto experiments, selfie cameras, which will click pictures of long distance communication transponders. This project is also a part of the Amrit Mahotsav of Azadi and it is 6 months of hard work, which is being done for a long time. These satellites will be sent from Satish Dhawan Space Center in the morning.

The weight of this satellite is 8 kg, which will have 75 different payloads weighing 50-50 grams. AzadiSat is the result of that effort of ISRO, in which the girls have to be brought forward in the field of science, technology, engineering, mathematics. ISRO said that girl students from rural areas across the country were also given guidance to make these payloads. These payloads range from selfie cameras to frequency recording meters. They will be released into Law Earth Orbit via SSLV.

What is SSLV?

The way ISRO sends PSLV, GSLV in the sky, there are SSLVs. SSLV means Small Satellite Launch Vehicle. That is, this rocket is used for launching small satellites. Due to this, small satellites are sent to the low orbit of the Earth itself. According to reports, satellites weighing less than this are left in the lower earth orbit. Currently ISRO is working on SSLV-D1, SSLV-D2 and SSLV. Its advantage is that if there are small satellites, then they can be sent easily.

What used to happen earlier was that spacebuses were used for small satellites and they had to be sent via PSLV. Now very small satellites are being sent, so it can be easily sent through SSLV.

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